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New Year Irish Pronunciation Videos

How to say "Happy New Year" In Irish
How To Say – “New Year’s Resolution” in Irish

Irish Language New Year from Bitesize Irish


Make New Year’s Resolutions in Irish

New year, new me! At this time of year it’s customary to make resolutions for the new year, to hopefully make a new start, learn some new habits and ditch some bad old ones. In this lesson we will look at how to discuss New Year’s Resolutions in Irish. Asking the question Here’s a question

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How To Say – “New Year’s Resolution” in Irish (VIDEO) The end of the year is, at least for some people, an opportunity for restarting their lives or to start doing new things. They manage to do this by creating New Year’s resolutions for themselves and sticking to them. Yes, it’s true that some wishes for the new year aren’t really doable, and some

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A Happy Irish New Year!

The New Year is nearly upon us! In just a few days, it will be slán; a 2016; fáilte, a 2017! (Goodbye, 2016; welcome, 2017). Do your new year’s resolutions this year have anything to do with the Irish language? We’ll give you some tips on keeping those resolutions below, along with some Irish toasts

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New Year’s Traditions from Ireland

Almost every part of our planet has some New Year’s traditions – some are unusual, others are familiar to more than one place but almost all make the Holiday Season end better. Some New Year’s traditions from Ireland are probably found in other parts of the world, but we’re going to bet that you’ll find

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Baby, It’s Cold Outside!

Christmas may be over, but winter still has a firm grip on most of the Northern Hemisphere. If, like me, you’re sitting by the fire and waiting for spring, how about getting some mind work done by learning some words and phrases appropriate to the season?

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Is Irish Your New Year’s Resolution?

As we often emphasize, learning to speak a language is actually hard work. You have to sit down with a pen and paper, and hopefully with some Bitesize Irish online Irish language lessons. Ready to make the promise? It comes down to deciding wether you will make that effort over time to learn to speak

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