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The internal journey of learning a language to connect with others.

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Have you taken on large goals, only to beat yourself up about it later because you didn't get around to achieving it?

Tell me about it, we’re all like that, I’m like that. I studied French throughout secondary school (high school). Another year at university. Then I arrived in France and just about couldn’t understand a thing. But I got there, eventually spending about a year and a half studying and working in France.

The Book

Winning The Language Battle

Winning the Language Battle is a book about life’s failures and life’s achievements.

It’s a book with a mix of philosophy and tactics.

The reason for the philosophy is that this is an internal battle. It’s a battle with your logic you, to convince yourself that yes, it is worth your next two minutes dipping into moving toward your life’s vision. 

And yes, your are good enough. And no, you’re not too old.

Book FAQ

Who's Eoin?

I’m Dr. Eoin Ó Conchúir, who founded Bitesize Irish. I have a PhD (in Information Systems).

I’ve struggled with learning Slovenian, my wife’s language. I’ve lived in France twice and got to be fluent in French. I speak Irish with my two sons, who are trilingual.

I have an interest in psychology, and I believe that published scientific studies can help us make the most of our hopes and dreams, including speaking a new language.

Why read the book

After reading Winning the Language Battle, you’ll come out with a better level of self-compassion and self-understanding. You’ll have tools to get you going, even if you feel like you have low energy levels.

You’ll understand you’re on a life’s journey, toward something that’s been calling you, perhaps without you even realising it. It’s a book in the guise of learning a language, but in the end it’s about achieving anything in your life.

Unfortunately, though, you’ll no longer have excuses to lean on, to convince yourself why you haven’t achieved something already. You’ll see reality more for what it is. It gives you the chance to take responsibility for your actions, for what you said you would acheive, but have not. Are you ready to open that dangerous door? Come with me!

What are people saying?

"Eoin, through his own experiences as a multi-language speaker raising a trilingual family, gives you the tools you need to keep going through the tough spots, from battling your own internal demons ("I'm not a languages person!") to finding ways to stay interested and engaged in your language-learning journey. Highly recommended."
“Eoin does a great job of mixing his journey with the insights of others. I had read The War of Art (covered in this book) and applied it to my photography, but it never occurred to me to apply it my language learning, but of course it does apply. This is a good read that may help you tie some things together and/or send you off in search of others.”
Paul Fisher
Language Learner
"If you find yourself struggling to put one foot after the other up the slippery slope of learning a new language, ‘Winning the Language Battle’ will give you the kind of encouragement and tips that are sure to keep you in with a fighting chance. This book could be likened to a rope thrown up and over the battlement that keeps you outside the fortress of learning."
Nicky Language Book
Nicky Gilkison
New Zealand

P.S. It’s not your fault. Learning a language is hard. It’s a lifelong journey. But you can change your view of the journey, to see that it’s worthwhile doing for its own sake. Read the book, and please pass on your own experiences to the author (contact details in the book).