Love the Irish Language

Our Products for Learning The Irish Language

Bitesize Irish

Aistear Learning Platform

Learn the Irish language with our Aistear ("Journey") learning platform. Learn to speak the Irish language at your own pace. Online self-paced courses with thousands of audio recordings to practice aloud. Private learners' community with daily challenges and weekly conversation practice calls.

Bitesize Audio Program

Learn on the move. 15-hour audio program. Learn Irish in your earphones. Save time by not having to be at your device. Broken up into 90 Bitesize audio lessons, delivered as MP3s, with accompanying PDFs that you can print at home.

Learn Irish with Eoin

Audio Crash Course

One-hour audio crash-course. Learn essential Irish language phrases. The recordings give you time to repeat.

Winning the Language Battle

Book by Dr. Eoin Ó Conchúir. The internal journey of learning a language to connect with others.