Bitesize Pobal

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Bitesize Pobal (“Community”) is our private daily-practice community online. We provide you with daily prompts to use the Irish language as part of your everyday life. Connect with others on a similar journey, and find a real sense of belonging. If you attend Irish classes, this is a good way to connect with people outside of your classes.

Bitesize Beo (“Live”) are our weekly live group calls with a fluent speaker. Scripted role-play to get you started, and more open topic-based conversation to stretch your abilities. Bitesize Beo is hosted on Bitesize Pobal, where we coordinate calls with Grow members.

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Available on Grow Plan

Bitesize Pobal is not available on your membership plan. Are you ready to start sharing your journey with others?

“Will I lose access to Bitesize Cúrsaí if I change to the Grow plan?”
No. You will keep your access to all the Bitesize Cúrsaí courses. Even better, on Pobal we regularly recommend Bitesize Cúrsaí lessons to take. This gives you the focus to share your learnings with others on the same lesson.

“What if I don’t like it?”
At Bitesize Irish, you can always switch your plan, and billings are prorated. This means you only pay for the number of days you are on a given membership plan. If you don’t like access to Bitesize Pobal and Bitesize Beo, just change plans again like below.

“How can I change to the Grow plan?”
Click the button below which brings you to your account subscriptions page. On that page select “CHANGE PLAN”, and select the “GROW” plan.

Now change your plan to the GROW plan:

P.S. If you have another question before you change plans to Grow, you can contact us.