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There is a great range of activities which helps with vocabulary and phrases, with the daily challenges and the weekly conversations as Gaeilge.

I was concerned that my Irish wasn’t going to be up to it – that was completely wrong. There is room for every level of Irish.

I most like the fact that people who work on Bitesize are always ready to assess what you do and offer feedback – really prompt feedback too.

— Chris Kenny, UK



I live in a place that doesn’t have a community of speakers of Irish and so I have really enjoyed being able to connect with and speak with other Irish speakers via the Bitesize Beo Zoom calls. The instructional videos are excellent for me in breaking things down into smaller lessons that I can learn at my own pace. I really appreciate how encouraging everyone at Bitesize Irish is. It has really inspired me to keep going and to practice Gaeilge Gach Lá!

What I most like about it is the positive approach and encouragement with regard to my language learning.

My biggest concern was not being a fluent enough speaker, but I have been reassured and encouraged in my language learning through my interactions with people on the Bitesize Pobal community and in the Zoom conversations.

I like the video recordings of the Q&A sessions, the recordings of the lessons and the ability to join the weekly Zoom chat.

— Kristin Dowell, Florida, USA



I most enjoy the conversations. Bitesize Pobal is wonderful!

My biggest concern was having the opportunity to actually work with others on frame, pronunciation, & conversation. Building confidence in what I’ve learned. Pobal is exactly what I need.

— Mario Botkin, California, USA 

Bitesize Irish makes learning Irish a lot easier than I thought it would be! Siobhan and the others made excellent videos to teach Irish, and all the teachers are patient and have a good sense of humor.

It’s relatively easy to get the pronunciation, and the lessons flow so well one into the other. I have learned an Irish song, and can carry on a short conversation easily.

My biggest concern before signing up was not being able to pronounce any of the words, but now I think I can pronounce them pretty well. In general I am enjoying this way of learning Irish.

Karen McDowell, Virginia, USA


John Henderson

I’ve only been here a week, but my mind is working faster as Gaeilge already, and I’m noticing marked improvement in pronunciation each day.

Things I love about my membership:
Frequency of facilitator engagement-facilitators are available and effective
Dynamic useful practice – as opposed to Duo drills
Precise pronunciation examples – I can work on saying it right – not just saying it!
Great tips and tricks embedded in lessons
Thorough grammar and vocabulary coverage

My biggest concern was whether it would be worth the monthly fee (understand that I live on a shoe string already)? It is entirely worth the price – I’ve been up and down the Duolingo Irish chain a dozen times, and for my ability to continue increasing I need a dynamic platform such as this where I can USE the language as much or little as I want. I’m getting great feedback and correction, almost like being at a summer Irish camp!

I like Siobhán’s videos, the phrase recordings, the topic focused modules, and the opportunity to interact during Cogar Mogar, not to mention the bits of advice that are sprinkled all over the place. I started a journal as suggested, and each day’s entry begins with a long form and short form rendition of the day, date, time and weather, which is super good practice – the language is already, after one week, becoming much more comfortable and “normal” for me!

— John Henderson, Maine, USA



I enjoy the variety of material available. The support and patience of the community manager via Bitesize Pobal. Meeting like minded people from across the World. Sharing tips and resources on learning Gaeilge.

My favourite part is meeting via Zoom for Beo and Glaoch Cogar Mogar and when I can do it, arrange Members Beo to get more reading and speaking experience.

I was concerned about being nervous at communicating as Gaeilge and being overwhelmed with the amount of learning material. I now see that there was nothing to be nervous about as it is a friendly safe inviting place to learn the language. Accepting that errors will be made as nothing is ever learnt without fault, but to keep trying and don’t give up. The more you learn, the more the piece will eventually fit together. Finally, have fun.

— Peter O’Callaghan, United Kingdom

What Explore Members Have Said

I love that Bitesize has a special course Siúlach Scéalach, where we can learn Irish through stories. Reading Breith Oisín and understanding the whole story in Irish was a very exciting learning curve. As a writer who would like to write stories in Irish in the future, this was a great journey into Irish storytelling.
Nicole Hidalgo
Nicole Hidalgo



I loved the classes! Especially the ballad singing in Sing a Song. (What an incredible idea!)

I felt very comfortable on Aistear and could easily sense what to do next. I loved the variety of styles of teaching-yoga, song, video, and more traditional reading and writing.

— Lissa, North Carolina, USA



I started out with another solution. Then I found Bitesize Irish. Which I feel much more comfortable with. I’ve only been using it a short time and I feel like I am recalling more and understanding more, though only like a 2 or 3 year old right now.

I like that they give me short lessons and Ideas how to help me learn more.

I liked the “Cracking Irish Pronunciation” course in Bitesize Cúrsaí. It has helped me understand more why words are spelled and pronounced the way they are.

— Ed Wingfield, Massachusetts, USA



I’m starting from scratch. Using this product has helped me gain confidence in continuing my journey, no matter how long it takes.

It really is broken down into “bite size” achievable amounts, and I can access them at anytime. It’s great for going back and reviewing particular aspects, active reinforcement.

I’m new to languages, and I was concerned I would be out of my depth. Bitesize has helped me to understand that I can lean Irish at my own pace by making small steps each day.

I like the variety of delivery, written, audio and visual, Variety keeps it interesting and I love the monthly Q and A.

— John Delaney-Willis, Stockport, England



I can speak and understand Irish, one phrase at a time. And it took minutes to learn, not days, weeks or months. Each session is only a few minutes and the videos and audio are with native speakers.

My concern was whether I would actually learn anything in such a short amount of time. I can, do, have learned Irish. My favorite feature is the pronunciation because understanding the nuances of how combinations of letters are pronounced is a challenge.

— Tina Wisler, Colorado Springs, Colorado, United States


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