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Foundations membership

Immerse Yourself in Irish Culture and Language Basics with "Foundations"

An Affordable Gateway for lovers of Irish culture and language

Are you fascinated by Irish culture and eager to dip your toes into the Irish language? Our Foundations plan is tailored for enthusiasts like you.

It’s a journey through Ireland’s rich cultural tapestry, sprinkled with the basics of the language, designed for an easy and enjoyable learning experience.

$19 / €17 monthly

"For someone like me who has never learned Irish, the membership allows you to start the first simple conversation. Furthermore, it gives into the culture of Ireland, pronunciation, and other fundamentals, helps to look deeper into the background of the language, its origin and functioning. It brings a lot of fun :)"
Anna Foundations member
Anna Sobczak, Foundations member

Discover the Essentials: Culture and Language Basics at Your Fingertips

Immerse Yourself in Irish Culture

Engaging Cultural Mini-Courses

Discover the richness of Irish culture through our mini-courses: Cultúr and A Trip Around Ireland.

Each course is a window into the heart of Ireland – its traditions, history, and language.

These courses are designed not just to educate but to let you taste the essence of Irish culture, intertwining language learning with cultural discovery.

Embrace Irish Language Pronunciation with Ease

Man pronouncing new word

Pronunciation Crash Course Included

Struggling with the unique sounds of the Irish language? Our Pronunciation Crash Course is your solution. 

Dive into the nuances of Irish pronunciation for beginners, making those challenging sounds more familiar and less daunting

Every recording throughout our courses is accompanied by a phonetic pronunciation guides. This makes it easier for you to repeat aloud and get to know the sounds of the Irish language.

This course is a key step in building your confidence, ensuring you can pronounce Irish words correctly from the start.

Kickstart Your Irish with 'Introduce Yourself in Irish'

Basic Language Course for Immediate Use

Ever wanted to introduce yourself in the Irish language confidently? Maybe you’re planning a trip to Ireland, or restarting your language journey in Ireland.

Our ‘Introduce Yourself in Irish’ course is tailored for quick learning. Perfect for beginners, this course empowers you to make a great first impression in Irish, equipping you with basic yet essential phrases for everyday interactions.

Lay Your Language Journey Foundations with "Bunchlocha"

Foundational Course for Your Irish Language Journey

Begin your journey with the “Bunchlocha” foundational course

Understand the key aspects of the Irish language you’ll need to progress further, like its VSO (Verb-Subject-Object) structure. This course sets the groundwork for your learning, providing the essential building blocks you need as a new learner of Irish.

What You'll Get

Foundations membership is a good solution if you’re not ready to learn every day, yet you have a deep appreciation for Irish culture and language. You’ll get:
  1. Cúltúr online mini-course: Discover Irish culture without diving deep into the language itself. Listen to and repeat some of the keywords in the Irish language.
  2. Pronunciation Crash Course online mini-course: Feeling more confident when approaching Irish words for the first time.
  3. Bunchlocha online mini-course: The word bunchlocha means “foundation stones” and that’s what you’ll find here. The basic tips and info you need to get your Irish language journey started.
  4. A Trip Around Ireland online mini-course: A trip around all 32 counties of Ireland. You’ll learn the Irish names for some of the most well-known features of the landscape, from lakes and rivers, mountains and islands, to towns, counties and provinces.
  5. Introduce Yourself In Irish online mini-course: The first major goal for most people when learning Irish is to be able to meet people and introduce themselves as Gaeilge. In this mini-course we show you the simplest way to do just that.
  6. Ask questions from any online lesson.
  7. Weekly newsletter exclusive to our members.

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Yes. There is no long-term contract. You can cancel your membership at any time, and you won’t be billed again. To cancel, go to your Account page on our Aistear platform.

Benefit from better monthly pricing by paying annually, with two months free! Sign up today, and you will be billed for one year today, and you’ll have access until the end of the period for which you have paid. The subscription is recurring – you will be billed annually. Try our method for 30 days, and if it doesn’t help you, you can downgrade to a lower plan or request a refund. Checkout is secure.

Sign up today, and you will be billed for one month today, and you’ll have access until the end of the period for which you have paid. The subscription is recurring – you will be billed monthly. Try our method for 30 days, and if it doesn’t help you, you can downgrade to a lower plan or request a refund. There is no fixed contract and you can cancel online any time. Checkout is secure.

You can take the mini-courses included in Foundations at your own pace. While we call them “mini-courses” to distinguish them from the more details courses found in Explore and Grow memberships. Having said that, there’s plenty to absorb in these mini-lessons. Each mini-course has about 10 lessons each. You could complete a lesson a day, or you may want to take more time in each lesson coming back when it suits you. Therefore the mini-courses should normally take a dedicated learner several months to complete. Membership continues even when you complete a course, until you cancel your subscription, to allow you to continue learning from the courses. You can always upgrade later to Explore or Grow membership.

Yes. You can upgrade your plan online in your Account. Your membership fee will be pro-rated, so there’s really nothing to lose to start with Foundations now and upgrading later.

Our secure encrypted checkout allows you to pay by credit card. The checkout is powered by Stripe (founded by two Limerick brothers!). You can choose PayPal, if you prefer, at checkout. Please note that the PayPal option requires an extra downgrade step later on, so we prefer the credit card option. 

You can choose between US Dollar and Euro to pay. Please be aware if your card is not in the selected currency that your bank may charge you currency fees.

Yes. Group, school, and institutional pricing is available. If you represent a cultural center or similar organization, you may wish to provide a benefit to your members by helping them to learn Irish online. Please contact us to discuss your needs.

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Choose the Plan That’s Right for You

Invest in your Irish language journey with a plan that fits your goals and budget. From foundational learning to immersive experiences, find the option that resonates with your aspirations. Here’s a comparison of our Explore plan with the other membership plans.


For Culture Enthusiasts
$19 / €17 Monthly
  • Immerse yourself in culture and language with Cultúr mini-course
  • Embrace Irish language pronunciation with Pronunciation Crash Course
  • Kickstart your learning with Introduce Yourself in Irish mini-course.
  • Lay your language journey foundations with Bunchlocha mini-course
  • Suitable if you love Irish culture and language but can't commit to learning daily.


For Dedicated Learners
$29 / €25 Monthly
  • Bitesize Pobal community
  • Monthly Beo Starter conversation practice
  • Entire self-paced online courses, plus all Foundations mini-courses


With live practice calls
$49 / €39 Monthly
  • Weekly Bitesize Beo conversation practice call
  • Monthly reading practice call
  • Member-organized practice calls
  • Bitesize Pobal community
  • Online courses

Take Your First Steps For a Life-Long Journey

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P.S. Use our unique mix of culture and Irish language to build a deeper connection with Irish culture. Start today as soon as you sign up.