Bitesize Pobal

private irish language learning community

The sense of community is very important with language, especially the Irish language where there might not be the same resources available as with major languages. Having people to speak with, and having a sense of community with those you can rely on to speak the language with is so important.

At Bitesize Pobal, it’s so wonderful to see everyone support each other, and welcome each other, share resources with each other. It’s fantastic. On a regular basis, I give them prompts to practise, or I give feedback if they’ve written something. It’s a community, you’re sharing your experiences, and learning from each other.

It’s very important to connect back to some place where people understand where you’re coming from, understand your struggles, and they can help you. 

Community Manager at Bitesize Irish

* a place to belong

Diving into the Irish language might often feel frustrating, overwhelming and lonely. It can be void of motivation. The existance of the language implies the existance of others. Join those others in Bitesize Pobal, the private Irish language learning community at Bitesize Irish.


Members of Bitesize Pobal are invted to attend weekly BITESIZE BEO Irish language conversation practice calls. Even if you attend a weekly Irish language class, it’s not enough to move toward being a speaker. The sessions ara facilitated by a fluent member of staff. Conversation scripts mean that the calls are accessible regardless of your current level. Practice with your peers, and get immediate feedback on your pronunciation. Community members even host their own Members Beo.

* practising together

MEMBERS BEO group calls are run by members. You show up for each other. We learn from both the successes and failurs of others!

* expert advice

Every month, our Community Manager hosts a “Cogar Mogar” (“Chit Chat”) call. This gives members the chance to ask any questions they may have, be it grammatical, cultural or otherwise. It also encourages members to learn the vocabulary from the scripts to practice in conversion… a quiz of sorts!

* motivation, together

Lots happen on Bitesize Pobal every week to encourage your journey of Gaeilge Gach Lá. Weekly learning topics lay the foundation for practicing your writing skills (and get feedback from our staff members). Highlighted lessons from Bitesize Cúrsaí to take at your own pace. Share the best Irish language resources. Share your learning journey, and encourage others. Everyone’s experience is valuable, and this isn’t affected by your level of Irish language.

* say “fáilte isteach”

“Fáilte isteach”, welcome in. It’s not about what the Bitesize Pobal community can do for you, but what you can bring to the community. Your presence and enthusiasim and insecurities are already enough. As soon as you sign up for GROW membership and access Bitesize Pobal, post a new topic in our “Fáilte isteach” section to introduce yourself. Then seek out the others in the community, and follow up on others’ first posts. Find those “uncommon commonalitites” with them.

* constructive feedback

Intentional learning happens when you practice and get immediate feedback. Pronunciation of the Irish language is a core part of this – it takes hundreds of times to pronounce something to refine your pronunciation. Get verbal and written feedback from both our fluent staff and your peers.

* sustainable momentum

Motivation can come and go. To keep up with something as hard as learning and practicing the Irish language, you need have that sense of progress in small regular bites. Share any bit of a small “aha” moment in Pobal. You’ll probably motivate yourself and those around you.

* Membership to Bitesize Pobal is subject to social behaviour policies, at the discretion of Bitesize Irish. bring your most generous self. find those “uncommon commonalitites” with other members.