Bitesize Cúrsaí


* the mirroring technique

The Irish language has a whole set of sounds of its own. As a non-native adult learner, it’s very hard to train your ears to pick out the sounds of the Irish language. Then, it’s difficult to attempt to pronounce them. Bitesize Cúrsaí lessons feature several thousand clear audio recordings of Gaeilge. They’re accompanied by phonetic pronunciations, so you can help train your ear to the word or phrase.

* at your own pace

The entire library of online Irish language courses is available to you on-demand. Listen to a single audio recording that day, or finish off a lesson or two. Only you know how much is sustainable for you to bite off each day.

* topics that suit your needs

First Irish language conversation? Everyday phrases? Pronunciation? Even singing? We’ve got your covered with 20+ online courses, with hundreds of lessons to take at your own pace. The courses feature a mix of lessons with recordings, and video lessons.

* designed for adult learners

Our Gaeilge courses don’t assume you’ve learned it in school. They’re basic enough to start with, and advanced enough to help the more advanced learners. A note-taking feature lets you save notes for when you come back to the lesson. Mark lessons as completed, to get a sense of completion.

* part of gaeilge gach lá

Bitesize Cúrsaí is a good way to fit the Irish language into your every day life. Keep an eye on the members leaderboard. Points are awarded to every time you complete your first lesson of the day, plus more points for each subsequent lesson.

Bitesize Cúrsaí is fully accessible to all paying members of Bitesize Irish.

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