Become a daily practitioner of the Irish language – with others! A language is to be used to connect with others.

If you already attend Gaeilge classes, this is a valuable chance to connect with others outside of your class.

You’ll get:

  • Bitesize Cúrsaí – access to our online lessons. Learn at your own pace. Thousands of audio recordings with phonetic pronunciation, so you can use the shadowing technique (repeat after a native speaker).
  • Bitesize Pobal – bring your most generous self to our private daily-practice community. Find a sense of belonging, joining with other people on similar journeys. Help each other learn and practice. Ask not “what can the community do for me”, but rather “what can I do for the community”.
  • Bonus: attend one Bitesize Beo group conversation per month, hosted by a fluent speaker. Scripted conversation, so that everyone can enjoy trying to speak Irish, regardless of your abilities.

You can always upgrade later, to also access weekly Bitesize Beo group conversations.