Are you an active learner of Gaeilge? Boost your learning with:

  • Bitesize Cúrsaí – access to our online lessons. Learn at your own pace. Thousands of audio recordings with phonetic pronunciation, so you can use the shadowing technique (repeat after a native speaker).
  • Bitesize Pobal – bring your most generous self to our private daily-practice community. Find a sense of belonging, joining with other people on similar journeys. Help each other learn and practice. Ask not “what can the community do for me”, but rather “what can I do for the community”.
  • Bitesize Beo – weekly video group conversations with a fluent Irish speaker! Conversations follow a different theme each week. Several levels, so that you can find a fit to your abilities, without being held back. For people with more advanced abilities, conversation sessions will end with more open-ended conversation.

By being a conversationalist, you’re a practitioner of the language. Be a practitioner for long enough, and you can be a speaker of Irish.

Please note: The times of Bitesize Beo conversations can vary from week to week as we adapt for our members and season. We make our best effort to accommodate as many members as possible, but we cannot guarantee a time will suit you. There is no “credits” system if you miss a weekly group conversation. You may always downgrade to lower plan. If downgrading we will “pro-rata” your monthly bill so that you immediately go to the lower-priced plan.