Tired of trying to learn Irish alone? [CLOSED]

This page is now CLOSED.

We’re no longer leaving this beta service open.

Read more about our decision not to continue with a one-to-one tutoring service.

14 thoughts on “Tired of trying to learn Irish alone? [CLOSED]”

  1. Dia daoibh, a Eoin agus cairde. Gabh mo leithscéal, my contribution comes a bit late on this particular comment screen. I came upon the link to it as I was reading the show notes of a more recent podcast.

    Just wanted to say that I really enjoyed the Bite Size Irish Gaelic Live experience. I was selected as a “test subject” earlier in the year (2014) and participated in a number of Skype lessons with Aonghus, please pass on my well wishes to him by the way. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to continue on with the lessons after I completed that first block, but I do hope to resume after I return from my trip abroad.

    One of the features unique to “BIG Live” that I found most helpful was the direct and immediate interaction with the tutor. I was surprised at how helpful it was to be able to actually “see” how Aonghus pronounced some of the more difficult words. He took the time to show me different techniques to produce some of the more subtle sounds that aren’t typically found in English pronunciation. Aonghus would also occasionally mention the differences in dialects when he thought them significant enough to mention them.

    All in all, I thought it was a great addition to the Bite Size program. I do hope it gains enough interest and support to keep it available in the future.

    1. Hi Tally! It’s free to sign up for the early access email list. That’s how you can hear about the price when we announce it. Hope that helps.

    1. Sure thing. There’s not commitment now – sign up for the early access list above, and I’ll keep you informed as the service begins to be available.

  2. I also would like to know how much this service is as well as the lessons. I am right now on assistance and soon to be off and we will be living hand to mouth (no extra money :/) but wanted to be ready in case my husband’s new career takes him to my homeland LOL.

    1. Hi Chris, it depends on how badly you would like to use a tutor service. Sign up for the early-access list above to get the best deals when the launch is announced.

  3. I am interested but need details such as cost, timing, and technology to make a commitment. I am just 5-6 weeks in…

    1. In the end, it would be helpful only if you felt having a tutor would support your learning.

      As for technology, it will be using audio Skype. You would require a microphone and speakers, or even Skype running on your smartphone.

      For the cost and timing, it’s something we’ll be announcing in due course on the early access list (sign up above!).

  4. do you have to be a member to take part of it? i’m trying to practice but i might not be a right fit as i’m learning in ulster

    1. Great questions!

      Will you have to be a member? Honest answer is we’re still working that out. It’s all about getting you to learn Irish in the easiest way possible.

      I still suggest you subscribe using the form above to hear the latest news.

      On the dialects, we’re not sticking to any one dialect for Bitesize Irish Gaelic Live. Depending on our tutors, we would love to be able to offer dialect-specific tutors in the future.

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