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Irregular verbs: Beir (Birth/Bring/Take/Catch/Bite): Imperative, present, past

In Lesson: Verbs: An introduction to the irregulars, you learned that Irish has eleven irregular verbs, which are some of the most commonly encountered words in the language. In this lesson you’ll begin to learn how to conjugate Beir, which has a variety of meanings, depending on how it’s used. The most common meanings for …

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Cursing: Curses and name-calling

Introduction In Lesson: Cursing: Shock, dismay, angry retorts,  you learned about mild expressions of shock or dismay, the use of “damn” in Irish, and a few useful angry retorts. In this lesson, you’ll learn a few of the more involved Irish curses (things you can use when you’re really upset with someone!), as well as a …

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The Irish language phrase for Halloween is Oíche Shamhna. It literally means the Eve of Samhain. Ireland’s Celtic festivals Samhain marks one of the two main points in the Celtic year – November 1st. The other one is Lá Bealtaine on May 1st. These two days break up the year into two seasons: the light and …

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Buildings and structures

When walking around a city or town, it’s nice to know the words for the things you’re seeing…and one thing you see a lot of in any city or town is buildings! Here are words for some of the most commonly seen buildings, as well as for other things you might see around town. Buildings …

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Video: Téigh – Go

This video lesson is related to Irregular verbs: Téigh (Go): Imperative, present, past which is the next lesson. After this lesson, you will be able to tell someone to go somewhere or not in Irish.