Your Irish Language Journey

Find your calling, study with intensity, become a practitioner. You’ll change from being merely a learner to being a Gaeilgeoir.

There is an Irish language journey available to you, available to everyone. It’s a life-long journey fuelled by your internal curiosity. The ultimate destination is intuitive self expression through Gaeilge. Move along the journey with intensity, and have faith that these intuitive powers will come to you. 

Bitesize Irish can be your guiding companion. The question is: are you ready to accept this calling?

1. Find your calling

Céim a hAon. Réidh i gcóir Gaeilge Gach Lá?

The Irish language arrived in Ireland several thousand years ago, a language of the Celts. Today, it’s an endangered language, yet it’s modern and vibrant. What it means to you depends on your own life’s story. You’re standing at a cross-roads. Choose the path to mediocrity, or choose the Irish language path with Bitesize Irish if you’re prepared to dedicate yourself to the journey.

You are:

Absolute Beginner

You might call the language Irish, or “Irish Gaelic” or even “Gaelic”. You’ve never studied the language at school. You have no idea how to pronounce the sounds of the language, or how to read it aloud. Start with our free Irish for Beginners email course, including a free ebook on starting your journey.

Active Learner or returning

Are you already learning the Irish language, but feel like you’ve had enough learning and not enough practising? Or did you have Irish at school, but you’re coming back to it now? Get our FREE tactics on how to practice the Irish language every day.


Céim a Dó. Tús maith, leath na hoibre. Seo an ceann is tábhachtaí.

You have found your path to the Irish language. Now it’s time to transform yourself into a dedicated observer. The more intensely you jump in, the faster you’ll move to the following steps. Find mentors who can instruct you. Observe, learn and practice. Lay the foundations, and learn the fundamental rules of the Irish language. Gain as many skills as possible, learning one at a time. You’ll experience accelerated returns, as one mastered skill unlocks others.

Explore with Bitesize Irish

To complete this step, become an Explore member of Bitesize Irish. This is a collection of online Irish language lessons designed to help you learn the basics of the language. Tús Maith is our foundational Irish language course, and sets you up to know and practise the foundations of the Irish language. You’ll stack the rules essential to later mastering the language. Continue with intensity to make the most of your membership.

Taste the Foundations

Get a free taste of Bitesize Irish Foundations, our collection of online courses to take at your own pace, which will give you a solid foundation in Irish.

Live Q&A

You’re already learning the Irish langauge and have plenty of questions! Our fluent team holds a free live Q&A on YouTube every month.

3. Gain Social intelligence

Céim a Trí. An bhfuil tú ag éisteacht?

To have conversations in the Irish language, you must learn to read people in the moment. Learn to see yourself as others see you, using them as a mirror to help correct your conversational flaws. Turn up your listening skills. Continue to learn to take objective feedback. Navigating the social environment is a prerequisite to mastery.

Grow with Bitesize Irish

This is the point in your journey to start practicing with others. Practice speaking aloud with our fluent staff and others, and develop your reading and listening skills.

Bitesize Beo

Weekly live scripted conversation for Grow members. Facilitated by a fluent staff member.

Bitesize Pobal

Join others in this private learning community. Regular reading and listening challenges.


Full access to our online Irish language courses, so you can continue to develop your knowledge of the essential rules of the language.

Bitesize Pobal also hosts Cogar Mogar (“Chit Chat”), a monthly chance to practice reading and pronunciation skills, and receive feedback from our Bainisteoir Pobail in a group video call. Have an informal conversation with other members. Each month we’ll chat informally about the topic covered by the reading piece.


Céim a Ceathair. Caighdeán is airde a bhfaca tú riamh roimhe.

You’ve accumulated skills, and internalised rules. Now your mind will want to be be more active, seeking to use this knowledge, in ways that match your own inclinations. The key to awakening your creative energy is maintaing a fluid, open mind. You’re continually looking for connections between ideas. Experiment more with failure and even criticism. What really matters now is the energy and excitement you bring to your journey, which will translate to the final result. Feel a deep connection with what you’re doing. 

Continue to Grow with Bitesize Irish

You’re practiced scripted conversation with Bitesize Beo. Now start to express yourself, continuing to connect with others, and getting advanced help from our fluent staff.

Members Beo

Connect with other community members. Organise your own conversation times, or join in with others.

Bitesize Pobal

Live events where you can write and speak to express yourself. Regular writing challenges, with feedback.


Cover advanced topics for self-expression, including irregular verbs and advanced tenses.

You also might enjoy Three Songs in Irish, which is a free email course. It’s a useful taster of our members’ course Sing a Song in Irish. The course features three traditional Irish language songs to learn, including lessons diving into the most important parts of the lyrics.


Céim a Cúig. Brisim achan riail, seachas caol le caol.

Various experts have shown suddenly possessing heightened intellectual powers after years of immersion. This step includes a long time of intense absorbtion. You’ll have internalised the rules, no longer only seeing parts of Gaeilge. You’ll feel the power of intuition, a feeling at your fingertips. We can all do this. This intelligence is cultivated. Stay true to your inclinations, no matter how unconventional it seems to others. This step is a function of time: it involved thousands of hours of practice. We see a connection between this and the old Celtic myth of the bradán feasa (salmon of knowledge), which was being fished for seven years.

At this step, you’ll naturally become an ambassador for the Irish language. If you’ve come this far with Bitesize Irish, we’ll encourage you to be a community supporter, helping others in the community while you grow.

This framework is based on The Path to Mastery by Robert Greene. That’s a concise summary of the points made in his book Mastery, which we recommend. Listen to our podcast Ep. 094 about the path to mastery of the Irish language, from “practitioner to speaker” through Gaeilge Gach Lá.