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Your ancestors once spoke the beautiful language of Irish Gaelic. Bitesize Irish Gaelic is the best resource for online lessons.

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Lesson 1 vocabulary

How to start a conversation in Irish Gaelic

Relax, and enjoy your first Bitesize taste of the beautiful Irish language (Irish Gaelic).

Listen to our warm welcome to you below. Just click the button, and you should hear the audio.

(Tip: Don't force yourself to try to learn this phrase. Just listen to get a little familiar with our native language.)

Fáilte go "Bitesize Irish Gaelic"! Foyl-cheh guh... Bitesize Irish Gaelic! Welcome to "Bitesize Irish Gaelic!"

In this Bitesize lesson, you'll learn how to say "Hello". We like helping you to connect with your Irish heritage in easy Bitesize pieces.

Start a conversation with "Hello"

Let's say you're traveling in Ireland, in an Irish language-speaking region.

You're about to greet your kind host at the guesthouse. You want to show your appreciation for her culture.

You'll be sure to get a smile if you can say this phrase the next time you come home to Ireland:

Dia dhuit Jee-ah ghwitch (throaghty gh) Hello

(There are strange new sounds in that phrase, right? Don't worry, we'll introduce them to you. The phonetic pronunciation above is a key feature of Bitesize Irish Gaelic to help you figure out those new sounds.)

Fun fact

"Dia" means "God". Literally, Dia dhuit Jee-ah ghwitch (throaghty gh) means "God to you". This just goes to show how the Irish language uses a number of religious references for everyday sayings. Even if you're not religious, you can use the phrase normally.

Try listening one more time. With Bitesize Irish Gaelic, you can listen as many times as you like.

Dia dhuit Jee-ah ghwitch (throaghty gh) Hello

Congratulations. You've taken the first step to making a deep connection with your Irish heritage.

Take it easy on yourself

We believe the best way to learn a language is in Bitesize pieces. That's a lot better for you than to try to study hard once per month, for example.

Learn a little bit at a time. Don't be hard on yourself. It will take time.

You might find the best approach is to take a single Bitesize lesson per day.

What now?

Now click the button below to take a learning enhancement quiz.

Tip: after marking the lesson as completed, you can still come back later. Marking one as completed just lets you track your progress over time.

b) In the middle of the word -agh- sounds like → eye


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