The Irish Christmas & New Year's in Ireland

Have you ever wondered what the holiday season is like in traditional Ireland? We wanted to share with you this magical time by giving you a little taste of all the events that make up a wonderful Christmas here in Ireland.

On this page you will find a comprehensive list of resources including Irish pronunciation videos and blog posts for the Traditional Irish Christmas and New Year.

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The Traditional Irish Christmas

Nollaig Shona Daoibh (NULL-eg HUH-uh DEE-iv)! Happy Christmas to You All!

The Christmas Day is coming really fast (Lá Nollag – Law NULL-ug), and we figured we’d celebrate by giving you some Christmas-related words and phrases to liven up your celebration!

Here’s a list of blog posts we created over the years to get you in the Winter Holiday’s mood.

Phrases for an Irish Christmas

Start off by learning how to say Happy Christmas in Irish and a few other phrases. Click here to read this blog post.

Baby, It’s Cold Outside!

If, like us, you’re sitting by the fire and having a good time, how about getting some mind work done by learning some words and phrases appropriate to the season? Click here to read more.

Christmas Poem From Ireland

Eoin reads out the poem by Patrick Kavanagh, “A Christmas Childhood”. It rings of simple Irish Christmases. Click here to listen.

Other Winter Holiday Sayings

Wait a minute: What if I don’t celebrate Christmas? The answer to this question, of course, depends on what you DO celebrate.
Click here to learn Irish pronunciation for other holidays.

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Christmas Irish Pronunciation Videos

How to say "Happy Christmas"
How to say "Santa Claus"
How to say "Decorations"
The Wexford Carol in Irish

Want even more traditional Christmas Irish carols? We compiled 2 big blog posts with a few more examples, including A LEANBH GHIL MHILIS (O SWEET BRIGHT CHILD), DAIDÍ NA NOLLAG (FATHER CHRISTMAS), SA STÁBLA, SA MHÁINSÉAR (IN THE STABLE, IN THE MANGER) and more. Check out these 2 articles with a lot more traditional Christmas Irish Carols:

The New Year Holiday in Ireland

Some New Year’s traditions from Ireland are probably found in other parts of the World, but we’re going to bet that you’ll find some unusual Irish traditions that celebrate the passing of the year.

Before moving forward, did you know that people send gifts on New Year’s eve, not just on Christmas? If you have a friend or relative who wants to learn Irish, you can always send him any of the Bitesize products as gifts! Just opt in for this option when buying.

Check out these New Year’s Traditions from Ireland

How to say "Happy New Year" In Irish
How To Say – “New Year’s Resolution” in Irish