Gaeilge for Parents and Families

Gaeilge Gach Lá at home

* Gaeilge with your family

It’s hard, but hugely respectable, if you’re thinking about introducing some more Irish language into your family life. At Bitesize Irish, we value your ambitions very highly. 

Check out Ben and Siobhán from Bitesize Irish’s live Q&A HERE and hear them discuss the challenges that parents can face when trying to introduce more Irish language into daily family life. Get advice on helpful resources and strategies to help you to achieve your goals, whether big or small!

Bitesize cúrsaí: online irish language courses

Equip yourself with just enough Gaeilge, and you’ll see many opportunities for adding the Irish language into your every day family life. If you’ve had Gaeilge at school, you’re lucky to have a base of the Irish language that you might not yet appreciate.

Bitesize Cúrsaí are our online Irish language lessons to take at your own pace. You’ll cover many topics that apply to everyday life, from comparing items, counting, and asking questions.

If you become a member, you'll learn from these courses:


Cairde & Clann

Irish language conversation skills

Vocabulary Building

* All those topics above are covered in Bitesize Cúrsaí online courses, available to all Bitesize Irish members.