Our free email course IRISH FOR BEGINNERS is set up to start your Irish language journey, by concentrating on elementory conversation, because that’s how your really connect with others. We will also send you a bonus e-book “The Irish Language: Your Key to Gaelic Ireland” by Audrey Nickel and our weekly newsletter.



We prepared a free CÚRSAÍ TASTER for you to experience a selection from our extensive Bitesize Cúrsaí online library free of charge. You will be able to access different levels and experience a variety of our courses to see how Bitesize learning can be beneficial to you.

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Throughout the Irish for Beginners course you will learn the basic elements of conversation in Irish language, you’ll ask your very first question, introduce yourself in two minutes and learn  other key everyday words and phrases. You can keep in touch with us about your progress and motivation to learn Irish but you can also sign out anytime.  Try it by filling in the email form above and we’ll be in touch.

The Irish Language: Your Key to Gaelic Ireland” is a digital book for setting you on the journey to speaking Ireland’s native language. It’s included as a bonus when you fill in the form above. The book explores interesting topics around  importance of speaking the language of your Irish heritage, for example, how do deal with dialects, how common is Irish in Ireland and why it’s not too late to start.

This is an awesome program and I’m so glad I stumbled on it by accident while surfing online. I’m American but very proud of my Irish heritage. It’s always been my dream to visit my ancestral land. I love languages and Irish is the most challenging and rewarding on I think I’ll ever study!

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