Secrets to learning Irish

“The Secrets to Practicing Irish Gaelic Every Day”

Even if you don't live in Ireland
Are you already learning Irish? Then discover the 10 secrets to practicing the language every day.

Secrets to learning Irish during your daily life

To make the most of Bitesize Irish Gaelic online Irish Gaelic course, you should practice every day! That's not so easy when you don't live in Ireland.

We can help you. This ebook has 30 pages jam–packed with ideas you can implement in your daily life.

Discover the 10 secrets that teachers use to get their students practicing. The ebook is meticulously written. It describes in detail how you can start to use Irish Gaelic every day — even if you don't live in Ireland

Why is this ebook for you?

Table of Contents

Introduction 3
Secret 1: Labels, Labels, Labels 5
Secret 2: The Primer Method 9
Secret 3: Just the Facts, Ma'am 11
Secret 4: Shop 'Til You Drop 13
Secret 5: Reading is Fun-damental 14
Secret 6: Sing a Song 16
Secret 7: News and Weather 19
Secret 8: On the Radio 22
Secret 9: Reach Out and IRC Someone 24
Secret 10: Just Blog it 26
Summary 28
Take the pledge! 29
About Bitesize Irish Gaelic 30

Ebook: “The Secrets to Practicing
Irish Gaelic Every Day”

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