Sing a Song in Irish – Online Course

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Learn Irish Through Traditional Songs

After using this course, you will be able to sing three traditional Irish language songs!

Imagine being able to sing these songs and share them with your friends and family, sharing your love for the Irish language. It’s also a sneaky way to get better at the language!

The online video course brings you through the history of the songs as well as how to pronounce each word correctly. You’ll slowly read the lines with phonetic pronunciation. We then do a deep dive to understand what specific words mean. Finally, sing along with Siobhán, with the lyrics displayed during the song.

When my DNA ancestry test revealed that I am 38% Scotch-Irish I finally realized why I love Van Morrison, the Chieftains, the Cranberries and John Spillane so much ( I am now in touch with my “inner Tommy Makem”).

Although I live approximately 4000 miles from Ireland, the Bitesize Irish singing course offers a direct connection (via learning sean-nós) to Irish language, music and culture which, for me, is profoundly enriching – and fun!
Go raibh mile maith agat!

Gary, Alabama