Bitesize Irish is from from Luimneach / Limerick, a city in the west of Ireland. We are your direct connection to practising the Irish language every day. Each of the team has Irish ‘running through our veins‘. Bitesize Irish is what you might call a micro-business. We’re personal. If you’re a member, you’ll get to know us by name.

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Dia dhuit! I started Bitesize Irish back in 2009 to give you a way to practice Irish every day. The idea started as daily emails, but I quickly realised that they would be no good without lots of audio. Since then, I have been developing ways of bringing the Irish language into your every day life.

I grew up in Inis (Ennis) in County Clare. The Irish language is my first language – it’s my family’s language. I attended primary and secondary schools in Irish.  For a long time I was uneasy that my spoken Irish is “urban” Irish, not straight from the Gaeltacht. In more recent years I have come to fully appreciate what I speak: modern, alive, Irish. I love the vibrancy around the language, and I get ultimate satisfaction seeing others find a deeper part of themselves through the Irish language.



Emma specialises in helping our members daily to learn the Irish language.

Having attended an Irish-speaking primary school it seems that I have always found a way to incorporate the Irish language into my life since then. During my college years I was lucky enough to spend time in the Munster Gaeltachtaí, one being only a 15 minute drive from my home.

I got to experience the Irish language outside of Ireland for the first time on my year abroad in Bonn, Germany where I attended Irish classes with German students who were interested in our country and language. After finishing my degree I travelled to Leipzig in Germany where I now teach Irish in the University here. I discovered that having a community or group, no matter how big or small, to support one another when learning a language is very important.

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Having been fortunate enough to have Irish as my primary home language and having had the opportunity to hear Irish all around me since I was a child, my goal is to help others make Irish their daily language, too. I, too, can understand the struggles of language learning as I am currently learning Russian and have dabbled in other European languages. For the past few years, I have been helping learners of all ages master the Irish language, both online and in a classroom setting. I received a Diploma in Applied Irish and Translation while studying in Carna, Connemara. 

I was born in Galway but currently live in Tipperary. Since 2016, I have been helping members of Bitesize Irish understand the intricacies of the Irish language and offer opportunities to practice their conversational Irish, all with the goal of helping learners use Irish on a daily basis.



Niall regularly creates new online Irish language learning content for our members.

Being from Tyrone, I didn’t speak Irish growing up, but as soon as I started to study it at secondary school it became my favourite subject, one that I followed to University College Dublin, where I studied Modern Irish, Old Irish and Irish Folklore. I then moved to London and taught English as a foreign language for many years, something which gave me a great insight into all the joys and difficulties of language learning, from phonetics and grammar to personal motivation and culture, everything that affects a learner.

Eventually I brought my experience back to my first love, an Ghaeilge, and I’ve been promoting Irish, teaching Irish and translating into Irish ever since. I’m now living back in Dublin again, in, quite appropriately, an Baile Gaelach – Irishtown.

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As well as the team members above, many of our original lessons were written by Audrey Nickel, in Santa Cruz, California. As an advanced adult learner with valuable perspectives on learning, her lessons came from a stance of empathy, not assuming any prior knowledge of the language.


Q: I don’t speak any Irish language at all, where do I start?
A: Take our free email course Irish for Beginners.

Q: I’m an active learner of Gaeilge. How can I practice it?
A: Get our FREE Ten Secrets for Gaeilge Gach Lá.

Q: Which Bitesize Irish membership option will suit me?
A: Try our free Taster membership first of all. Then if you like it, choose one of our memberships (Explore or Grow).

We suggest the Explore membership to learn the foundations of the language. Explore may also be suitable for you if you’re coming back to the Irish language after only having it previously in school.

When you have completed those foundational courses online (or if you have already a foundation of the Irish language), sign up for our Grow membership which includes all our online courses, plus an invitation to our private learner’s community Bitesize Pobal. That include Bitesize Beo regular conversation practice calls, and daily motivation.

Q: How do I learn Irish language pronunciation?
Yes this is tough, especially if you didn’t grow up in Ireland learning the language at school. Our Explore membership includes our popular online course “Crack Irish Pronunciation”, which includes our Four-Step Pronunciation Method and cheat sheets.