Irish Pronunciation Workshop by Bitesize Irish


Bheadh… Thánaigh…. Folúsghlantóir.

Do you feel like you’re missing out on diving deeper into the Irish language because pronunciation feels so scary? That’s not your fault – the language follows different pronunciation rules. That can make it seem like an unwelcoming jumble of letters. However there ARE rules. It’s a matter of figuring out the most important patterns.


In March 2020, the Ceardlann Foghraíochta (pronunciation workshop) is being run by Bitesize Irish! It’s a two-week private workshop with a focus on getting you practising the vital pronunciations in Irish each day. The workshop is made up of a mix of daily live group video calls at 8pm Dublin, Ireland time (3pm Eastern) Monday to Friday, plus a dedicated private online forum where you can connect, ask, share and collect further pronunciation resources.


We’re the authors of the online course that’s available to our members, “Crack Irish Pronunciation” and “Irish Language Cheat Sheets“. Based in Ireland, and having helped thousands of students of the Irish language around the world, we know the pronouncing the Irish language is a major obstacle for mastering the language. We believe that it’s not just an obstacle to overcome: subtleties of pronouncing the Irish language make it a beautiful musical language that is worth mastering.


This online workshop is very different from a self-study course. A Bitesize Irish workshop means you have LIVE interaction in group calls. You get to do DELIBERATE PRACTICE of pronunciation rules, with immediate feedback. You’ll be CHALLENGED to apply what you learn to internalize your learnings. You’ll CONNECT with others, so you have a real motivation to show up every day.

By showing up every day, you will finish with being able to take a simple piece of Irish language text, and be able to make a reasonable guess of how each of the words should be pronounced. You’ll be able to see them aloud, with an Irish speaker being able to work out the words you’re saying (even if you don’t directly understand, yet, what you’re pronouncing).

As a participant, you’ll get daily PDF handouts. Each day will have a certain focus and exercises. After each live call, we’ll also share our lesson notes with you. The private forum will be available for one more week after the workshop ends.


90% of our survey respondents of our 2019 Ceardlann an tSamhraidh conversation workshop said they would recommend the workshop to others.

The challenge of learning correct pronunciation and using common everyday phrases was perfect for me. Having the daily contact with the other workshop members and the guidance of the Bitesize team made the process all the more fun.

It increased my ability to understand normal speech, increased the accuracy of my pronunciation, and especially helped my ability, and willingness (!), to participate in conversation. Additionally, I have a much better understanding of what kind of learning will most benefit me as I continue with Gaeilge gach lá... The Bitesize team was extremely supportive, flexible, creative and inspiring as well. Go raibh mile maith agaibh, a Shiobhán, Eoin agus Gabrielle.

If you are looking to make your first foray into listening and speaking Irish live with others this is a fantastic opportunity. The Bitesize staff are amazing and very generous with their time and enormous talent. It was such a pleasure to hear Gabrielle, Siobhán and Eoin live after years of watching YouTube videos and hearing recordings of Eoin on Coupled with live video chat the online message board with the daily challenge as well as reading and sharing posts from all participants was encouraging... It's not easy but nothing special ever is. You may make a new friend or two who like you finds something driving your curiosity to understand how to think and speak about people and the world at large from another vastly rich and different viewpoint. Droch Gaeilge is fearr liom Béarla cliste.

sorry, registration closed

The registration is closed. Please contact us, and ask to be put on our newsletter, where you’ll find out about upcoming workshops.


We’re confident that you’ll be reading Irish aloud by the end of this workshop. If you put in the effort each day and still don’t find that it was worth your time, then you may have you money back – contact us within one week of the end of the workshop.

To attend, you’ll need a stable internet connection, along with a webcam and headphones to make it possible to attend the live calls. The live calls platform (Whereby) is supported on the Web, Android and iOS.


At Bitesize Irish, we pride ourselves on our grá for the Irish language. There are not many chances to learn with a team of Irish language speakers. Take this chance.

P.S. Some people will tell you that the Irish language is not pronounced as it’s written. That’s simply not true! Learn the tricks and rules of the Irish language, and you’ll be so much further ahead in your Irish language journey.