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Secrets of Pronouncing Irish Gaelic Will Be Revealed

Secrets of Pronouncing Irish Gaelic

Have you ever seen an Irish Gaelic word written down, and thought “How the heck am I meant to pronounce that?!”?

You want to make that deep connection to your Irish heritage. But there’s nothing worse than seeing a phrase of the Irish language written down and having no idea how to say it. The (English language) rules of spelling don’t seem to apply to Irish Gaelic.

The Irish language has all types of vowels and sound combinations like “gh”, “dh”, “agh”, “igh”, and the list goes on.

Then you try to say the word, and you mightn’t have anyone to tell you how you’re doing.

Interactive Pronunciation Workshop

We’re here to help you through this. We will be holding an hour-long a limited workshop online. The goal will be to introduce you to the real spelling rules that will make the biggest difference in you deciphering Irish Gaelic spelling.

At the end of the workshop, you’ll be able to decipher the pronunciation of a set of Irish language words all on your own.

During the online workshop, you’ll have the chance with your microphone to pronounce the word and get feedback.

It will take place at Saturday December 12th 2015 at 5pm GMT. That’s 12pm Eastern,  9am Pacific, 6pm Central European Time, and 4am (Australia – New South Wales, for the dedicated!).

Who’ll be there?

The workshop will be given by Eoin, founder of Bitesize Irish Gaelic. His first language was Irish Gaelic, and has been asked many times over the years about spelling and pronunciation.

Answering your questions during the workshop will be Feena, the Irish Language Expert at Bitesize Irish Gaelic who supports our members. Feena has a university qualification specifically for teaching the Irish language to adults.

What You’ll Get

You’ll have the chance to cover our 4-Step Method for breaking down the spelling of any Irish Gaelic word.

We’ll start you at the best place: pronouncing the fadaí (those letters with accent marks on them).

We’ll take you from there to pronouncing a full word that you see written down. Since it’s online, you’ll have the chance in this interactive workshop to pronounce the word and get feedback instantly.

Since it’s interactive, there will only be 10 places available.

We Know Pronunciation

We publishing Pronunciation Cheat Sheets for Irish Gaelic in 2012. Here’s the feedback:

Wow, wow, wow! I needed something exactly like the Cheat Sheet and since getting it, I’ve been referring to it constantly. … It helps to anchor a rule of pronunciation in my mind when I see the word, click to hear the pronunciation of it, then see the pronunciation “rule” in the Cheat Sheet. That’s a nice bit of work you did to put that together. Thanks a million!

— Tig Haner, Oregan.

Well, it can only be better in an interactive session.

How to Get In

This limited workshop is not openly available. You can’t purchase it directly, since the places are so limited.

The full price will be $60. But! This Black Friday only, we’ll have a huge discount for the first 10 people. After that, the workshop will be sold out and not available.

The only way to hear about when the spaces are available is to subscribe to the email announcement list below.

Nothing to Lose

If you attend the workshop and feel like it didn’t suit your needs, then you’ll get a full refund of your registration price, guaranteed.

When you do register, we won’t be able to refund you if you can’t then make the workshop, because the places are so limited. If it happens that you don’t attend, you’ll still get the notes from our workshop.

Adding your email and now below is free. We won’t spam you.

Limited Spaces

There are only 10 places available for this workshop. They’ll be gone fast. So it’s first-come, first served, this Black Friday 2015. The spaces will only be available at a huge discount on Black Friday.

How To Grab a Place With Discount

This is it! Fill in the form below and submit it.

This is your only way to get purchase this coming Black Friday 2015. We’ll send out a special email only to those people who enter their email and name below.

[Email signup form removed, workshop over.]

Warning: No Space Guarantees

Even when you submit your email and name just above, that’s not a guarantee to get a place. On Black Friday, we’ll send you a link to purchase your place at a huge discount. It’s only the first 10 people who’ll get in. So be sure to enter you email and first name above and click “Subscribe” to be in on the announcement email.

P.S. If you’re not available for the workshop, but looking for help with pronunciation, do check out or Pronunciation Cheat Sheets for Irish Gaelic with workbook.

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