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Winners for Irish Pronunciation Cheat Sheets with Worksheets

Pronunciation Cheat Sheets for Irish Gaelic
Pronunciation Cheat Sheets for Irish Gaelic

People over the years have said to me “I would love to learn to speak Irish, but it’s not written like it’s pronounced”.

New: Accompanying Irish Pronunciation Worksheets

That’s not a good enough reason not to learn the sounds of Irish Gaelic! If you can learn the rules of Irish pronunciation, then you can start understanding how to read a word outloud – even if you have never before encountered that word.

Our Pronunciation Cheat Sheets for Irish Gaelic give you those pronunciation rules.

This has been in development for a while, and I’m happy to announce the launch of a new 30-page set of Worksheets for Pronouncing Irish Gaelic PDF that accompanies the cheat sheets. Print it out at home, and work through each of the worksheets to start mastering the rules featured in the Cheat Sheets.

Competition – Now Closed

I had posted a competition (now closed) for one of three downloadable Irish Pronunciation Bundles, worth $35, asking the following question:

Bitesize Irish Gaelic has 115+ online language lessons. How many unique recordings are featured throughout the lessons?

Competition Answer

The answer? Bitesize Irish Gaelic has 2,509 unique recordings, all accessible if you sign up as a member.

Competition Winners

Therefore, I’m happy to announce the following three winners:

  1. Serena Dixon (just 9 recordings off with her guess)
  2. Lori Emery (guessed 169 too few)
  3. rich (guessed 366 over)

Comhghairdeas daoibh – congrats to the three of you.

Get Your Irish Pronunciation PDF Bundle

The Pronunciation Bundle includes:

  • 4-Step Illustrated Method
  • 13 Pronunciation Cheat Sheets
  • New Worksheets
  • Bonus spelling cheat sheet
  • Two bonus e-books for learning Irish

Many thanks to Teresa Burns who bought her Pronunciation Bundle during the week, who said:

I really find these worksheets/guidelines helpful they have such useful tips. I really enjoy the labeling method (in the bonus e-book) because i can associate the word with what i see. It’s easier and more fun to learn when someone has organized it for you to do on your own time!

If you’re interested in getting the Irish Pronunciation Bundle for yourself, please do visit the Pronunciation Cheat Sheets page for more information and to buy.

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