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Listen! Which Irish language Dialect is this??

Listen to Cainteoir 1 (“Speaker 1”) reading the following paragraph as Gaeilge:

Which dialect is this speaker speaking in? Leave a reply below with your guess ūüôā

Here’s what the speaker is saying:

An áit is ansa liom ná teach mo sheantuismitheoirí in aice na farraige.

Feirm a bhí ann, agus d’fhásadh m’athair mór na préataí ba bhlasta a d’ith mé riamh.

Is cuimhin liom go raibh sé i gcónaí ag scairtí ar a mhadadh nó ag amharc amach ar an tráigh, áit a mbíodh a chuid caorach.

Is √°it iarg√ļlta √©, agus √©ir√≠onn s√© iontach ci√ļin sa gheimhreadh, ach is bre√° liom am a chaitheamh ann nuair a thig liom √©al√ļ √≥n chathair.

Tá radharc galánta le feiceáil ón chnocán taobh thiar den teach agus nuair a bhím ann cluinim na faoileoga thart fán ché agus déanaim dearmad ar cad é atá le déanamh agam sa bhaile.

Even if you don’t understand a word, it helps to familiarise yourself with speakers of different dialects of Irish.

Thanks to Se√°n √ď Dubhchon who recorded this for our “Identify the dialect” challenge lesson for Bitesize Irish members. In that lesson in our Aistear Reference Pack, you can listen to three different people speaking this text in their own dialect.

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Is craolt√≥ir raidi√≥ √© Se√°n at√° ina l√°ithreoir agus l√©iritheoir ar na sraitheanna raidi√≥ Seal le Se√°n (Raidi√≥ R√≠-R√°), Mo Cheol Th√ļ (Raidi√≥ na Life) agus Brisim Achan Riail (RT√Č Raidi√≥ na Gaeltachta). Is iriseoir √© Se√°n le N√≥s. Is file agus scr√≠bhneoir √© le saothar foilsithe in iris√≠ ar n√≥s An tUltach agus Comhar, agus mar chuid den tsraith Aist√≠ √ďn Aer ar RT√Č Raidi√≥ na Gaeltachta. Is dr√°mad√≥ir raidi√≥ √© Se√°n agus craoladh a dhr√°ma raidi√≥ Nuair a Scoilt an Sc√°th√°n ar RT√Č RnaG.

P.S. Sign up as an Explore or Grow member to get access to “Dealing with Dialects” and the rest of our Aistear Reference Pack. It’s available along with our self-paced online courses for members.

13 thoughts on “Listen! Which Irish language Dialect is this??”

  1. Samuel McDonnell

    The linguistic flow is unlike anything I’ve heard from Connacht and Munster dialects, I’m guessing Se√°n is an Ulster native! Beautiful Irish.

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