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What’s New at Bitesize Irish Gaelic

Learning the Irish language is easier if you have someone to practice. We acknowledged this issue over than a year ago and started working towards building a strong community with online practice tools. 

We’re lucky to be a part of a big, passionate, enthusiastic community of Irish language learners, and we wanted to assure them that we’re constantly working to develop better learning courses and to increase conversation practice. Communication is key when you play an important role in such a strong community so we decided it’s imperative to keep you updated with the progress on various tools and course we’re developing.

Bitesize Irish Gaelic online course

If you’re focused on learning the Irish language and you’re using the Bitesize Irish Gaelic online course you probably noticed some updates in the past few months.

Learning-Enhancement Quizzes

We’re happy to say that the learning-enhancement quizzes design has been upgraded! Now it’s easier to take the quizzes at the end of the lessons (using any device).

Learning-Enhancement quizzes upgrade
preview of new Quiz design

At the same time, we’re constantly working on providing you with quizzes for every Bitesize Irish Gaelic online lesson. Right now we’re focusing on wrapping up Level 4 of the online course – so every lesson has at least one specific quiz.

Video Lessons

If you choose to sign-up for the Bitesize Irish Gaelic Enthusiast plan, you’ll get everything on the Conversational plan with upgraded learning tools such as video lessons, learning-enhancement quizzes, and monthly live conversational practice with native Irish language assistants and members of the community.

We’re working hard on adding 50 video lessons to our online course until the end of the Year! Right now you can find almost 30 video lessons if you sign-up for the Enthusiast plan.

Course improvements

Following the recommendation of a Bitesize Irish Gaelic community member we recently updated the lessons so a number of grammatical terms are now displayed in the Irish language, as well as their pronunciations. For example: verb/ainmfhocal.

We also restructured the online course so Weeks and Levels feel more natural and encourage you to complete the lessons you start.

What’s next for Bitesize Irish Gaelic?

In the next months we’re aiming at launching new products that will help you improve your Irish language learning journey.

New Book for Irish language learners

The first one would be a new book: “The internal journey of learning a language to connect with others”.

Click here if you want a free preview of this book

Bitesize Team meeting

Bitesize Irish Gaelic has a team consisting of members from Ireland and other countries in Europe. If you listened to the 78th Bitesize Irish Gaelic Podcast, you probably heard that we’re organizing an in person meeting in Limerick at the beginning of November 2018. This will help us even more to interact with the community and develop better tools for you.

Stronger community for Bitesize Irish Gaelic

We’re working on creating a better home for the Bitesize Irish Gaelic community. This will allow you to practice with us, but also with other members on the same path towards learning the Irish language.

New products for Irish language learners

There’s no release date set yet but we’re happy to announce that we started to develop more products for people interested not just in the Irish language, but also in Irish music and possibly literature.

Thank you for being a part of the Bitesize Irish Gaelic community! We’re excited to have your help in developing the best tools online to learn the Irish language & the strongest community of Irish language learners.

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