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Watching “An G Team” on TG4? Try our lessons

TG4 Irish language television are showing a great programme called An G-Team.

An G-Team is a reality TV show about non-Irish speaking communities in Ireland. They are competing to show how well they can improve the amount of Irish being spoken in their community.

Re-learning Irish

Here at Bitesize Irish Gaelic, we built our online lessons with those in mind who may never have heard the Irish language spoken before.

However, they’re also quite popular with Irish people who are coming back to learn Irish. Like we said before, it is possible to re-learn the language.

It’s a growing trend. It is amazing to hear an Irish person express the want to learn to speak Irish.

Coupon code for online lessons with lots of pronunciation

If you’re watching An G-Team on TG4, we’d like to give you a little motivation for learning the language.

Sign up, and use our coupon code GTEAM for 20% off your first month! (This is not affiliated with TG4 😉 )

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