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Watch a Conversation in Irish

Meet Siobhán and Gabrielle from Bitesize Irish, speaking in the Irish language! OK, it’s as natural as can be when you have a camera pointed at you. We hope you enjoy this natural speed conversation (a bit like our Conversational lessons that are part of the Bitesize Irish program, but those lessons also include phonetic pronunciations). The multi-talented Siobhán, our Language Assistant, produced this video for you.

Transcript of the conversation

Dia dhuit.

Dia is Muire dhuit.

Cén chaoi a bhfuil tú?
How are you?

Go maith, go raibh maith agat. Conas atá tú fhéin?
Well, thank you. How are you yourself?

Ó, go breá. Go breá, go raibh maith agat.
Oh, fine. Fine, thank you.

Cén t-ainm atá ort?
What’s your name?

Gabrielle is ainm dom. Céard is ainm duitse?
My name is Gabrielle. What’s your name?

Siobhán. Siobhán is ainm dom.
Siobhán. My name is Siobhán

Carbh as duit, a Siobhán?
Where are you from, Siobhán?

Tiobraid Árann. Is as Tiobraid Árann dom ach rugadh i nGaillimh mé.
Tipperary. I’m from Tipperary but I was born in Galway.

Á, go hálainn. Tá cónaí orm i nGaillimh faoi láthair ach is as Áth Luain, Contae na hIarmhí mé.
Ah, lovely. I’m living in Galway at the moment but I’m from Athlone, County Westmeath.

Ó, go han-deas ar fad. I lár tíre atá tú.
Oh, very nice altogether. You’re in the midlands.

Is ea.

Go hálainn, go hálainn. Agus, cén obair a dhéanann tú?
Lovely, lovely. And, what do you work at?

Faoi láthair, is bainisteoir lucht Bitesize mé agus tá mé ag staidéar chomh maith. Tá mé ag staidéar chun a bheith i mo mhúinteoir Gaeilge agus Béarla.
Currently, I’m Bitesize’s community manager and I’m studying too. I’m studying to be an Irish and English teacher.

Go hálainn, go hálainn.
Lovely, lovely.

Céard fút fhéin?
How about yourself?

Bhuel, tá mé ag obair le Bitesize freisin. Bím ag tabhairt cúnaimh do bhaill Bitesize agus is múinteoir mé, go bunúsach. Agus, is breá liom a bheith ag cabhrú le daoine an Ghaeilge a fhoghlaim agus déarfainn gur é an scéal céanna leatsa.
Well, I’m working with Bitesize, too. I help Bitesize’s members and I’m a teacher, basically. And, I love helping people to learn Irish and I would say that it’s the same with you.

Cinnte. An scéal díreach céanna.
Certainly. Exactly the same.

An bhfuil mórán daoine i do theaghlach?
Are there many people in your family?

Níl is páiste aonair mé.
No, I’m an only child.

Oh wow

Tá beirt deirfiúracha agam agus ceathrar nia agus neacht amháin
I have two sisters and four nephews and one niece.

Tá siad go hálainn.
They are beautiful.

Is teaghlach mór é sin.
That’s a big family.

Teaghlach mór, yeah.
A big family, yeah.

An dara glúin, tá sí mór go leor.
The second generation, it quite big.

Agus is aoibhinn liom na páistí a fheiceáil.
And I love to see the children.

Tá cuid acu san Astráil agus an chuid eile in Áth Luain.
Some of them are in Australia and the rest are in Athlone.

Go hálainn, go hálainn. Agus an bhfuil aon chaitheamh aimsire agat?
Lovely, lovely. And do you have any pastimes?

Tá. Is aoibhinn liom ióga agus is aoibhinn liom a bheith ag léamh agus ag taisteal timpeall na tíre ag féachaint ar na rudaí áille atá timpeall na hÉireann. Céard fút féin?
Yes. I love yoga and I love to read and travelling around the country seeing the beautiful things that are around Ireland. How about you?

Is breá liom a bheith ag amhránaíocht agus a bheith ag éisteacht le ceol agus chomh maith leis sin tá suim agam sa bhfaisean seanaimseartha.
I love to sing and to listen to music and I also have an interest in vintage fashion.

Ó, go hálainn. Céard é an t-amhrán is fearr leat?
Oh, lovely. What’s your favourite song?

Á, is deacair a rá. Is breá liom an amhránaíocht ar an sean-nós.
Ah, it’s hard to say. I love Irish old-style music (sean-nós).

Ach, am, chun an fhírinne a insint, taitníonn ceol traidisiúnta aon tíre liom.
But, am, to tell the truth, I love any countries traditional music.

Aon tír!
Any country!

Bhuel, sin é, bhuel sin é, is cuma ar slí ach,
Well, that’s it, that’s it, it doesn’t really matter,

Ó, go hálainn.
Oh, lovely.

Tá gach ceol go hálainn, beagnach.
Every music is beautiful, almost.

Bhuel, bhí sé go hálainn casadh leat.
Well, it was lovely to meet you.

Bhí sé go hálainn leatsa freisin.
It was lovely to meet you too.

Slán go fóill.
Bye for now.

Slán go fóill.
Bye for now.

Background to the video

Recorded in November 2018 in Limerick, we recorded this on our first every Bitesize Team day. It was the first time that the four people on the team at the time met. This is Eoin’s sitting room.

Gabrielle and Siobhán both travelled that day to Limerick. Do you want more videos like this? Leave a reply, letting us know what you loved about the video.

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  1. Go raibh maith agat! Thank you for this! It’s so hard to find a Irish/Gaelic conversation this natural anywhere out there. 🙂

  2. Maith Sibh.
    I would love to see see the translations written phonetically also for those of us who love ‘cupla focal’ but haven’t time to learn properly. I feel this would engage more people in our language.

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