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Poll: Which album cover do you prefer for this Irish Audio Program?

This is your chance to help us choose the best cover for “Learn Irish with Eoin” – an upcoming abridged album of Bitesize Irish Gaelic Audio Program for learning Irish on the go.

The Competing Designs – Which do you prefer?

UPDATE: Version 2 has now been selected with your help. Thanks for all the votes, and opinions! If you want to share you opinion, feel free to still comment below. It’s now even available on iTunes. If you purchase it, please give us a rating there.

Learn Irish audio program
Do you prefer Uimhir a hAon (1)? Or Uimhir a Dó (2)? Vote by leaving your comment below. Click to see 1 full size and 2 full size.

Vote by leaving a comment below

Which do you prefer? Just comment below with either:

  1. “Uimhir a hAon” (number one), or…
  2. Uimhir a Dó” (number two)

And feel free to add any extra comment along with your vote.

Bonus for comments

Each voter below will be entered to the chance to win one of three Audio Program Bundles, worth $57! (If you already purchased it, please feel free to vote, we still value your opinion!). Randomly-drawn winners will be announced here on Sunday October 28th 2012.


We have randomly selected three comments, who each with an Audio Program Bundle, worth $57.99:

  1. Eric
  2. Seamus Mac Giolla Bhrighde
  3. Leonard Kovacic

Comhghairdeas! If you weren’t chosen, thank you all the same for voting. The winners were selected using the random number generator random.org. The learning Irish Audio Program that the winners will receive features 90 lessons over 15 hours of audio. Copy the MP3s to your iPhone, Android, or MP3 player. It is a full program to learn Irish, perfect if you prefer learning by ear. They also come with PDFs of each lesson.


Now is your chance to vote in the poll – please leave your preference as a reply below.

273 thoughts on “Poll: Which album cover do you prefer for this Irish Audio Program?”

  1. Truly, uimhir a do appears much better. Not only is it easier to read, and thus gets the message across more effectively; it also leaves room enough for the attractive Irish scene in the background to be more noticeable. Number 2 might be even better if the stones and fence posts to the left were left out. They seem to deflect attention away from the “Bitesize Irish Gaelic” rectangle, which is more important than the stones and fence posts. Perhaps changing the color of “with Eoin” to green, to match with “Learn” would add more harmony to the overall design, plus unite the ideas of “Learn” and “with Eoin.” The repeated use of blue and green in the overall picture lend a relaxing, attractive quality to the cover. Excellent work!

  2. Dia dhuit, conas ta tu? I prefer uimhir a Do’ because it looks more attractive to the eye. Uimhir A hAon seems older and outdated to me. If I were to go in the store then I would grab up uimhir a Do’. Sla’n.

  3. Uimhir a Dó.

    Somehow strikes me as sharper and more compact. Why that’s better, I really couldn’t articulate. In the end I suppose “suum cuique” is what it comes down to.


  4. No question in my mind….the second one wins by leaps and bounds…it is legible and attractive, number one feels a bit chaotic to me……but i am blowing my name into the pot of luck…as i would Love to win! I am on the road touring right now and will be home in mind november. Love to you and sasa,

  5. Definitely prefer option 2 Eoin ! The text is clearer to read and the background picture has more of an Irish landscape feel to it.

  6. “Uimhir a Dó”

    We purchased the bundle already and I love what it adds to the online experience. It’s so handy for our active, homeschool family!

      1. This can be tricky. If your computer is configured to an Ireland keyboard, then it’s as simple as typing AltGr+.

        Or copy-paste from me here!

        á ó ú í é
        Á Ó Ú Í É

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