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VIDEO: Understanding Irish Dialects

VIDEO Understanding Irish Dialects blog post

As you may have noticed, we’re starting to organize more live events for our community. Learning Irish Gaelic can’t be done just by reading information of a piece of paper, you need other types of materials such as audio and video, and you need to practice.

Our Bitesize Beo events follow the structure of a webinar but we’re also organizing Skype calls for our members where they can talk, practice speaking and ask any question they may have about the Irish language. If you would want to take part in these events, you will need to sign up.

Just to give you an example of a recent Bitesize Beo event. we’ve created the following video to help you better understand Irish dialects. We get a lot of questions about Irish Gaelic dialects, about understanding other dialects, etc. so we wanted to help you figure out what’s the deal with the dialects (and more).

Don’t forget about our previous Irish Dialects blog post where we showed you what you need to focus on if you’d like to understand them better. Here are some other useful resources from that article:

In the following video, you’ll get a chance to discover:

  • The various Irish dialects
  • What is a dialect?
  • Some differences between the dialects
  • How to understand other dialects
  • Should I choose a particular dialect?

Bitesize Beo Dialects | Understanding Irish Gaelic Dialects

If you want to take part in these events as they’re happening (live), you should really sign up to Bitesize Irish Gaelic.

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3 thoughts on “VIDEO: Understanding Irish Dialects”

  1. This was a tremendous help. The subtitles are not though, as they block some of the printed info and contain some hilarious errors.
    Listening to both of you was a clear illustration of the points that you were making and I think that learning Irish can have a positive effect on a person’s whole thought process.
    Here, in the US, Latin was offered to high school students. It was thought to help in grasping the root of many languages. Irish would be great for a similar reason and it is a living language so the rewards are doubled.
    Finally, when I listen to you speaking English, I hear my great aunt. She was born here but her father was from Cork. Even at 90 years a hint of the cadence and the expressions survived. This is really special. Thanks