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Video of Jody and her Kids Speaking Irish Gaelic

Jody sent us a video of her family speaking Irish for upcoming trips. We’re so proud to hear what her two girls have learned. Girls, when you get to Ireland next time, be sure to impress the locals with the Irish you have learned!

Bitesize Irish is Great for Families

I’ve been using Bitesize Irish, myself, for nearly a year. I received access through my local Irish language class. While I was really enjoying learning Irish, no one else in my family attended class with me, so I had no one to practice with. Recently I decided to begin utilizing the Bitesize Irish online classes, this time with my daughters, ages 5 & 7.

Though it takes a bit longer to get through a class when learning with young children, we are all enjoying learning a new language and can’t wait to use our new Irish phrases on upcoming trips!

My daughters wanted to share what they have learned so far in a short video:

While we haven’t progressed through the classes as quickly as I had hoped, we find them easy for families to use. The lessons are easy to follow and the ability to hear a native Irish speaker pronounce the words is so helpful! I highly recommend Bitesize Irish to anyone, of any age, who wants to learn conversational Irish.

Jody Halsted calls central Iowa home, but dreams constantly of travel in Ireland. A freelance travel writer, specializing in family travel, Jody publishes the website Ireland with Kids where she shares tales and tips for family travel in the Emerald Isle.

Reader challenge: Tell us what *you* have learned

Perhaps you’re already signed up to Bitesize Irish, or you’re taking our free mini-series by email Irish for Beginners. In that free email series, you’ll find lots of the Irish phrases that Jody’s family have been learning.

Either way, here’s your challenge:

  • Record a video (by webcam or otherwise) of you introducing yourself, and try practising what Irish you have been learning with Bitesize Irish Gaelic (or elsewhere).
  • Share it with us (send us an email with a YouTube link, or even an attachment), and we’ll be happy to share it out.

This really is a challenge: speaking Irish is about expressing yourself. And most of all, you don’t have to be perfect.

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