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Traveling to Ireland in 2014? Tell us your plans

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Ireland is a special place. There’s not doubt it’s green. The landscapes are breathtaking, and others calming.

It’s not the soil or the wind or the rain that makes it a magical place. It comes down to the culture of the peoples who have settled in Ireland over thousands of years.

The culture of Ireland is the culmination of stories, music, and dance from over the ages. By speaking its language, playing or listening to its music, you’re making a deep personal connection with Ireland’s past and present.

Traveling to Ireland

You may have grown up outside of Ireland, but always with a longing for Ireland. A longing to come home.

Are you traveling to Ireland in 2014? I want to hear from you below in the box “Leave a Reply”. Tell us when you’re traveling, for how long, and what you hope to see.

Plus, if you have any practical questions about traveling to Ireland, or what to do when you get here, also leave a comment.

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24 thoughts on “Traveling to Ireland in 2014? Tell us your plans”

  1. I hope to go in September – used to live in Ireland, North and South, and although not born there I do consider it my spiritual home.
    I haven’t been back for a long time, and have lost touch with a lot of people, plus most relatives I knew were elderly and have passed on. Finances dictate that I shall not be hiring a car! I hope to be in Waterford, Dublin and Belfast, with a couple of side trips. Would love to go back to Connemara, but might have to save that for another time. Have been looking (seriously) for a new man, one with a Celtic soul, who either lives over there , comes from there, or wants to go – so am going to trust he will show up at some point in the not-too-distant future!

  2. I will be taking my third trip to Ireland this summer, to Galway. My first trip was 3 weeks, to Ros an Mhil, and the 2nd was 3 months. My trip this summer will be for 3 months as well – as long as I’m allowed to go. Next Spring, my mother and I will visit Ireland together. I’m not sure how long that trip will be because my mother is 80 years old. Her father was born somewhere in Ireland, but he died when she was 6 years old, so we’ve had trouble tracing him.
    My greatest wish is to move to Ireland. <3

  3. I actually took a trip to Ireland in mid-January, and had an amazing time. Considering the winter we’ve had here in New England, the weather in Ireland wasn’t bad at all! I started in Killaloo and worked my way up the west coast: Galway (amazing craic), spent a rainy and windswept night by a peat fire in a pub on Inis Mor, practicing my Irish with the locals. On along the coast to Westport, (more craic!). Climbed Croagh Patrick, explored Achill, stayed with friends in Ballycroy (cut turf in the bog with a slane) and explored Blacksod and Belmullet. The people are amazing, the country is beautiful. Alas, the short visit did nothing to slake my thirst to spend more time in my ancestral homeland. It was only whetted!

    Daibhi O’Cahan

  4. Big thanks to all for sharing their plans above for Ireland 2014. If you’d like to contribute your own story, just leave a reply below.

  5. Going on my first trip to Ireland in the end of July, and really, really looking forward to it. Have met a few Irishmen through my job here in Denmark, and they are all so nice I just have to go and see what kind of a country produces such nice people! And of course seeing photos I expect it to be breathtakingly beautiful. Travelling alone I have booked a 6 day tour of the south with Paddywagon and hoping it will be fun as well as interesting – pubs and scenery, what could possibly go wrong? And since I am a bit of a nerd with languages, I have started to learn myself Irish, even though I have no family relations in Ireland…looking forward to trying that out too!

  6. Going to the Dublin Feis of irish dancing in march and to Ronan McCormacs Rince in summer! Great fun to be had on both occasions.

  7. We’ll be heading to Ireland for a couple of weeks at the end of May beginning of June and we can’t wait! We’re planning on really getting to know the South East this time as we haven’t spent any time in the area so far. All the highlights to be included—Glendalough, Hook Head, Saltee Islands, Kilkenny and more. 🙂