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Traidisiúin Oíche Shamhna | Irish Halloween Traditions (VIDEO)

Here is a video I put together of the customs associated with Halloween Oíche Shamhna /ee-ha how-na/.

Let’s learn about Halloween traditions.
Foghlaimímis faoi Thraidisiúin Oíche Shamhna
/foh-lem-ee-mish fwee hrad-ish-oo-in ee-ha how-na/

Halloween is celebrated on 1st November.*
Ceiliúrtar Oíche Shamhna ar an gcéad lá de mhí na Samhna. 
/kel-oor-tur ee-ha how-na air on gayd law jeh vee nah sow-na/

It is the first day of Winter.
Is é an chéad lá den Gheimhreadh.
/shay on khayd law jen ghev-reh/

It is an ancient Gaelic festival. 
Is féile ársa Ghaelach í Oíche Shamhna. 
/Iss fay-la awr-sa ghay-lukh ee ee-ha how-na/

Bonfires are lit. 
Lastar tinte cnámha. 
/loss-tur chin-cheh kraw-va (knaw-va)/

People eat barm bracks and nuts.
Itheann daoine bairín breac agus cnónna. 
/e-hen dee-nee baw-reen brak a-guss kroh-na (knoh-na)/

Children wear masks and costumes. 
Caitheann páistí aghaidheanna fidil agus cultacha bréige.
/ka-hen paw-shtee i-en-na fid-ill a-guss kul-tukh-a bray-geh/

Families carve pumpkins and turnips. 
Snoíonn teaghlaigh puimcíní agus turnapaí.
/Snee-en chi-lee pum-kee-nee a-guss tur-nup-ee/    

There are also apple games. 
Bíonn cluichí úll ar siúl chomh maith.
/Bee-un klih-hee ool air shool khoh mah/

NB Although in English we usually say that Halloween falls on 31st October, the old Irish tradition was that Oíche Samhna was the night before the day 1st November – from nightfall on 31st October to dawn on 1st November.

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