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Three years of online bitesize Irish lessons – and an announcement…

Bitesize Irish Gaelic's birthday. Read on for an exciting announcement.
Bitesize Irish Gaelic’s birthday. Read on for an exciting announcement.

Táimid trí bliana d’aois.
/TAW-mid tree BLEE-ah-na deesh./

We’re three years old.

This is just a thank-you post for everyone who has been on the Bitesize Irish Gaelic journey so far.

We launched publicly in 2010 with about 30 lessons. Today, our online lessons have grown to 155+.

That’s thanks to you, for your feedback (and we welcome more on our contact page).

2013 will bring with it our very own podcast (you heard it here first).

Last but not least, after three years of online learning, we want to bring live Irish learning to you.

Bitesize Irish Gaelic Live will let you learn Irish personally with a tutor, so you’ll never be alone in guessing how you’re pronouncing words, or for practicing your phrases.

The only way to hear about the future launch of Bitesize Irish Gaelic Live is to register your email address on our special list.

To do that, just fill in this form.

Again, thanks to all of you for sticking with us since Lúnasa 2010, and here’s to another three years of spreading the Irish language outside of Ireland!

6 thoughts on “Three years of online bitesize Irish lessons – and an announcement…”

  1. Ronald Richardson

    Happy Birthday! Thank you for your hard work. Bitesize has been an enormous help. Here’s to many, many more years!

  2. This is fantastic news! I have someone right now asking for the best way to learn the language. I’ll send him here directly. Congratulations on a wonderful three years!

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