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The Airplane “An tEitleán” – A Poem In Irish Gaelic (VIDEO)

Like we promised on numerous occasions, our Irish pronunciation videos won’t just be about “how to say a specific phrase”, but we’re going to diversify the Irish videos by doing pronunciations of poems and prayers. We won’t stop here, since we’re always looking for new content for our Irish-learning community.

This week, we’ll teach you how to say a cute poem in the Irish language. If you want to listen to Irish poems or want to dig deeper and learn the language, go ahead and watch the video.

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The Airplane “An tEitleán” – A Poem In Irish Gaelic (VIDEO)

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A Poem “An tEitleán” The Airplane in Irish Gaelic

/On tetch-eh-lawn/
The Airplane

“Nach deas an t-eitleán é,”
Arsa Micilín leis féin,
/Nokh jass on tetch-el-lawn ey,
Ar-ssa Mikileen lesh heyn/
“Isn’t it a nice plane,”
Said little Michael to himself,

“Ag eitilt ar nós spideoige
Thar na sléibhte i gcéin!
/Egg etch-elt air no-ss spidg-oh-ig-eh
Har nah shlayv-teh ih gayn/
“Flying like a robin
Over the distant mountains!

Feiceann sé gach uile ní
Is é ag eitilt sa spéir,
/Fek-en shay gokh il-eh nee
Iss é egg etch-elt sa spayr/
He sees every single thing
As he flies in the sky,

Nach aoibhinn don phíolóta
Mar éinín thuas san aer!
/Nok eev-in dun feel-oh-ta
Mor ay-nyeen hoos san air/
Isn’t it lovely for the pilot
Like a bird up in the sky!

Ach beidh mé mór amárach
In eitleán liom féin,
/Okh bye may mohr ah-mawr-ukh
In etch-eh-lawn lyum hayn/
But I’ll be big tomorrow
In a plane by myself,

Is feicfidh mé na sléibhte
Is na tíortha i bhfad i gcéin.
/Iss fek-ee may nah shlayv-teh
Iss na cheer-ha ih wod ih gayn/
And I’ll see the mountains
And the far away countries.”

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