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Test Your Irish Language Level with Improved Quizzes

Test Your Irish Language Level with Improved Quizzes

Deciding to learn Irish Gaelic is genuinely noble quest to embark on. If you manage to master the language, you’ll be a part of a select community of individuals that are keeping Irish alive, and ensuring its future by using it in their daily life. This being said, we acknowledge the fact that learning Irish Gaelic isn’t the most natural thing to do. Even if the learning materials are excellent, the current situation makes it harder to get a solid grasp of the Irish language.

Why do we say this?

It’s straightforward if you think about it. You can have the best learning materials, provided by native Irish speakers (just like Bitesize Irish Gaelic does), but if you don’t have a clear way of testing your current language level, and someone to practice Irish with makes it harder to assess your skills of speaking Irish Gaelic and maintaining them.

That’s why, a few months ago, we started to implement these two features into the Bitesize Irish Gaelic method of learning the language. At the beginning of August 2017, we announced the exciting new quiz feature for the online course. At that time, we only had a few questions, using a basic system.

October 2017 Irish Language Quizzes Update

Today we’re announcing a second update for the quiz feature. All you need to do to test the quiz feature is to sign-up for a Bitesize Irish Gaelic Free Trial, or to the main Bitesize online course, depending on your preferences.

  • Quizzes are available for all Level 1 lessons,
  • Quizzes are now more complex (previously 1 question – now multiple),
  • We’ve added audio comprehension questions to test if you can pick out what phrase you’re hearing. This was a much-requested feature by our members. The benefit is instant feedback of whether you’re starting to learn a phrase, so you can pick it out again when you hear it being said.

Quizzes Updated October 2017

Irish Language Quiz feature future updates

We’re not stopping here with the Learning-Enhancement quizzes. There are more, important updates coming. For example, we’re planning to expand the quiz feature to all levels. At the same time, we’re working on the second problem that Irish learners have – practicing the language, but that’s a subject for another blog post, somewhere in the near future.

How to test the Quiz feature

If you want to test the new quizzes, you need to sign-up for a Bitesize Irish Gaelic Free Trial, or to the main Bitesize online course, depending on your preferences. If you had a free trial in the past, but still want to test the feature, please contact us.

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