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Visit Ireland, Fall in Love With the Irish Language

Most people in the Irish-learning community at Bitesize start to learn Irish Gaelic so they can have conversations with relatives and locals, or to strengthen the connection to their Irish heritage. But we were also lucky to meet people who started to love the Irish language after visiting Ireland. 

Visiting Ireland in the Midst of a Storm (Ep. 13) [Re-run]

Most people say that Ireland’s weather is unpredictable so you’d better pack accordingly. While that is true, we have to say that extreme weather is quite rare in Ireland. The most you’ll have to endure is going from warm weather to cold(er) and being forced to have a raincoat with you at all times.

Is Your Trip to Ireland an Adventure? (Ep. 60) [Re-run]

Each year, more than 8,5 million people come and visit Ireland. More than 1,5 million are from the US & Canada. Most of them come to Ireland to visit amazing landscapes but other also use their trip to Ireland as an opportunity to connect to their Irish heritage. 

How to Plan and Enjoy Your Trip to Ireland (Ep. 16) [Re-run]

When you’re creating your bucket list of places you’d want to visit in your lifetime, be sure to include the beautiful Irish landscapes. Most people would really like to visit Ireland but they don’t really know how to start, what should they plan for and what to do during their visit.