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3 Secret Places in Dublin You Need to Visit Next (Ep. 24) [Re-run]

Depending on how long you’re planning to visit Ireland, you may or may not have time to discover all the Irish beautiful places. You can choose to join generic travel tours where you join another group of people and visit … Continue reading

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The Best Time to Visit Ireland Coming Up

September is possibly the best time to visit Ireland, if you’re planning to visit the standard tourist destinations.

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[Re-run] Want to Move to Ireland? (Ep. 15)

Some people say your home should be where you’re born. Others believe that “home” should be next to your better half… and there are some who say it’s “where the Wi-Fi connects automatically”. If there’s something we can vouch for … Continue reading

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[Re-run] There’s No Place Like Home (Ep. 10)

Some people say that “home” is where your family resides. Others don’t have such a strong connection to their relatives but still have a special place they come back time after time with joy in their hearts. This is also … Continue reading

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[Re-run] Fun Surprises For Those Who Visit Ireland (Ep. 03)

When it comes to travelling, Ireland has a lot to offer. It doesn’t really matter if you visit this beautiful country for its amazing landscapes, breathtaking views or just to get a small taste of the Irish culture – you’ll … Continue reading

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Famine Times with Author Rachel Britz (Ep. 62)

Minnesota-based author Rachel Britz tells us about her research for her book Good-Bye, Lover. Her family comes from Donegal, and not every person survived the travel across America. She visited west Ireland in 2014, and tells us how that went. … Continue reading

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Traveling to Ireland in 2014? Tell us your plans

Ireland is a special place. There’s not doubt it’s green. The landscapes are breathtaking, and others calming. It’s not the soil or the wind or the rain that makes it a magical place. It comes down to the culture of … Continue reading

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If you’ve been to Ireland, would you like to share your story?

You may only have only dreamed of traveling to Ireland for most of your life. But if you finally made it home to Ireland, as Liam Hughes said on our podcast, it was hopefully a fulfilling, fun and rewarding trip. … Continue reading

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Holiday in the Glen: A Fortnight at Oideas Gael

Not so long ago, on an internet discussion forum not so very far away, there was a lighthearted running discussion entitled “You Know You’ve Been Studying Irish Too Long When…”. One of the posts was “You know you’ve been studying Irish too … Continue reading

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Giving Directions in Ireland

I have a window sticker on my car that says Ná Lean Mé…Tá Mé Ar Strae (“Don’t Follow Me…I’m Lost”). It gets a lot of comments (mostly along the line of “what in the heck does that say?”) I have … Continue reading

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