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How To Use Active & Passive Listening To Learn Irish Gaelic

One of the things we keep talking about on our blog is immersing yourself in the language if you want to learn Irish Gaelic. You may think that’s complicated but if you watch our Bitesize Beo video below, you’ll realise … Continue reading

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What’s the Future of the Irish Language? (Ep. 39) [Re-run]

While one in three people on the Island of Ireland (~ 1,8 million) can understand Irish to some extent, the number of people who speak it on a daily basis is somewhere around 100,000 people. That’s not very much, right? We’re … Continue reading

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Learning Irish Gaelic Manifesto

If you’d like to make a real connection with your Irish heritage, learning to speak some of the Irish language is a deeply personal way to achieve that. You need motivation from the heart. The motivation will get you immersing … Continue reading

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Create Your Personal Gaeltacht

Learning to speak Irish Gaelic outside of Ireland is hard. It sure can feel like you’re on your own to learn. And what’s a language, after all, but a method of communication with yourself and others.

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Easy Irish Immersion (Ep. 57)

Do you feel like you “should” be learning the Irish language, but never get around to it? This podcast episode (in English) is about breaking down your daily Irish language habit into such small pieces that they should be easy … Continue reading

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Irish Will Live with Conn Ó Muíneacháin (Ep. 48)

Get insights into Irish Gaelic’s positive future in Ireland and in Irish society. Broadcaster Conn Ó Muíneacháin grew up with a passion for the Irish language. He came to the conclusion that he had to create content in the Irish … Continue reading

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Three Bold Predications for the Irish Language (Ep. 39)

The future of the Irish language is unsure and controversial. Hear our three long-term predictions for the Irish language.

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The tables turn on Eoin (Ep. 8)

Mary Murphy takes the podcast chair this time, asking Eoin of Bitesize Irish Gaelic about how the site started.

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Will I understand people in the Gaeltacht regions of Ireland? (Ep. 5)

Listen to Eoin discuss listener questions and emails around the Irish language (Irish Gaelic) in Ireland. If you feel that deep connection for Ireland, and plan on visiting, or have visited, then you’ll learn about seeking the Irish language out.

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Urban Irish: Blight or Blessing?

I was watching the addictive TG4 soap opera Ros na Rún one day, and I must admit, I stood up and cheered when I heard this line: Ní hé an Béarla teanga na tíre seo! Is í an Ghaeilge í! (English … Continue reading

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