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Love for Irish Music and Language with Dawn Lange (Ep. 61)

Dawn shares her “can do” attitude to learning to speak Irish Gaelic. It’s her way to “feel connected to a place that has my heart”, as she told us recently. She’s a Bitesize Irish Gaelic member. Discussion podcast about learning to speak Irish Gaelic (in English).

How David White Got Into Irish Gealic (Ep. 56)

David White has a great interest in his Irish heritage. He got sucked into the challenge of speaking some Irish Gaelic! Hear this interview with him, where he shares his positive attitude that makes it possible for him to keep learning a new language.

Two Winter Irish Gaelic Phrases (Ep. 54)

As we head into a dark winter in Ireland, Eoin shares with you two relevant phrases to say in Irish Gaelic. He explains what each part of the phrase means. Discussion podcast about learning to speak Irish Gaelic (in English).

Trauma, and The Irish Language

Irish people are traumatised, distraught, and brought to tears at the thought of learning to speak the Irish language. That’s what some people in Ireland tell themselves. Read through Loren’s experience which he emailed us (with permission to post here, and updated to fix that Loren is a “he”!), and our reply below:

A Poem in Irish with Ger Killeen (Ep. 45)

Ger Killeen is a native of Limerick City, Ireland, and resides near Portland, Oregon. He teaches at Marylhurst University. He shares his Irish language poetry, and his experience with the Irish language in Oregon. Discussion podcast about learning to speak Irish Gaelic (in English).

Now Learn Irish on Your Bitesize Screen

We’re all about helping you to learn to speak Irish (Gaelic) in Bitesize portions. Now you can learn Irish on your Bitesize screen! That means if you visit www.bitesizeirishgaelic.com on your phone or tablet, you can to dive into our online Bitessize lessons without any pinching or zooming.

The Irish Language is in Great Danger

Imagine this. The town of Ennis, County Clare in Ireland (where I grew up) has about 30,000 inhabitants. Let’s say each of those inhabitants spoke a peculiar language that nobody else spoke.