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Dear Bitesize: How to Pronounce and Make Sense of Irish Place Names

I have recently moved to Ireland and would like to be able to pronounce place names in Irish and make some sense of them. Thanks to the internet, you can hear most Irish place names being pronounced by a local … Continue reading

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How to Beat the Fear of Pronouncing Irish Gaelic

Neil recently emailed us, and perhaps you can associate with his feelings: Without a doubt – the most difficult thing is to learn to pronounce the written word in Irish. It seems what we are saying looks nothing like what … Continue reading

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Secrets of Pronouncing Irish Gaelic Will Be Revealed

Have you ever seen an Irish Gaelic word written down, and thought “How the heck am I meant to pronounce that?!”? You want to make that deep connection to your Irish heritage. But there’s nothing worse than seeing a phrase … Continue reading

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I, Me, He, Him, Etc.

If you’re an American of a certain age, you may remember a Schoolhouse Rock video called Rufus Xavier Sarsparilla, which taught children about the proper use of pronouns. (If you’re not an American of a certain age, give it a look…it’s … Continue reading

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