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Connect to Ireland’s Real Culture Through Song and Irish Gaelic (Ep. 35) [Re-run]

What would you say is the best way to connect to Irish culture? You could start learning a few things about Ireland’s history and geography, but that’s only going to have an improved general knowledge about the country. If you … Continue reading

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Travel Tips From a Russian Living in Ireland for 15 Years (Ep. 34) [Re-run]

Ever wondered what’s it like for an immigrant to come and live in Ireland? Are the Irish welcoming people? We’re sure that’s the case for most people coming to Ireland from other countries in search for a better life, but … Continue reading

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Irish Culture Documentary on Inis Meáin (Ep. 33) [Re-run]

If you really have a passion for the Irish language & culture, you will make it a priority to learn Irish Gaelic and visit the Gaeltacht at least once in your lifetime. Don’t feel bad if you can’t afford a … Continue reading

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The State of the Irish Language in Belfast (Ep. 32) [Re-run]

When you travel to the United States, there’s a big chance that you’ll meet an American with Irish heritage. From our travels, we discovered that these people have some great stories to tell and many of them have traveled to … Continue reading

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Discovering Your Irish Heritage & Family Tree (Ep. 31) [Re-run]

With the latest advances in genealogy, tracing your family tree could bring up a few surprises. Commercial DNA analysis is a great tool for someone who wants to trace his family or to discover his Irish heritage.

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Growing Up in Ireland & the USA (Ep. 30) [Re-run]

When you’re born in the United States but your family has strong Irish heritage, you could have the best childhood ever. Americans with Irish descent will often travel back to Ireland to visit relatives and friends. Imagine being a kid, … Continue reading

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Oideas Gael and the Future of the Gaeltacht (Ep. 29) [Re-run]

Learning Irish Gaelic might be more important than you think. When you take upon yourself this honorable task of learning the Irish language, you’re also doing your (important) part in preserving the language and ensuring its future. Want to learn … Continue reading

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Searching For An Irish and Celtic Music Podcast? (Ep. 28) [Re-run]

If you would look at the number of people who actually speak Irish Gaelic, you’d think that your choices in Irish podcast are limited, but if it’s something we noticed since starting this blog, is that there are more podcasts … Continue reading

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Bitesize Irish Gaelic Podcast’s First Anniversary (Ep. 27) [Re-run]

The Bitesize Irish Gaelic Podcast is over 5 years old now, but in September 2014 it was just one year old. Even so, that was one full year with over 25 podcast episodes, hundreds of questions and dozens of guest … Continue reading

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Respecting the Rights of the Irish Language (Ep. 26) [Re-run]

Although Irish is the national and first official language of the Republic of Ireland, that doesn’t mean it’s widely used around the country. The truth is that the Irish language is used by a large minority (with some ability to use … Continue reading

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