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Our Bitesize Learning Principles for Irish Gaelic

Being overwhelmed is probably the most common feeling when you consider learning to speak another language. If you’re reading this, you probably have great personal motivation already: to make a deep personal connection with your Irish heritage. It’s a way to express who you are inside. It’s giving a language to what you feel.

If it Feels Difficult, You’re Doing it Right

We were recently testing a prototype quiz in our Bitesize Irish Gaelic course. We emailed each member, asking them to take a Bitesize lesson early on in the course to test out the quiz.

How to Be Sure to NOT Learn Irish Gaelic

Our Bitey way of making a connection with your Irish heritage is the regular immersion of the Irish language. Use any means at your disposal. If it comes down to telling your dog to “Suí síos!”, then so be it. But let’s flip that, and see if it can get you thinking in positive ways.

Is Some Irish Gaelic Grammar So Important?

Lots of Irish school kids, for example, speak Irish Gaelic with lots correct grammar missing. But you know what? Isn’t that better than speaking no Irish language at all? This applies to you, too. If you’re on your learning journey, be careful not to set your bar for perfection too high.