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Language Journeys and How to Keep Going

When we embark on the journey of learning a new language, we soon find ourselves going through four distinct stages.  Understanding that these stages will happen and that they are normal can go a long way to helping us enjoy the ride.

Video of Jody and her Kids Speaking Irish Gaelic

Jody sent us a video of her family speaking Irish Gaelic, for upcoming trips. We’re so proud to hear what her two girls have learned. Girls, when you get to Ireland next time, be sure to impress the locals with the Irish you have learned!

Born to Learn learning videos

Just a quick post about a nice site I found today: Born to Learn (by the way, it’s not especially about learning to speak a language). From their introduction: Born to learn is a fun, thought-provoking series of animations that illustrate ground-breaking new discoveries about how humans learn. Their animated videos about learning in general …

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