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What’s Holding You Back From Learning the Irish Language?

A few weeks ago we launched a new tool to help you strengthen the connection to your Irish heritage by making it easier to start learning the Irish language. What’s holding you back from learning the Irish language?

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A Little Bit of Irish Every Day

People have their reasons for which they embark on the “learning a new language” adventure. Maybe they want to improve themselves or they are planning a long trip and want to have an easy time visiting other countries. Whatever the … Continue reading

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How to overcome the stress of having so much ahead of you to learn

In the photo in this post, you’ll see what we call our “decking”. It’s a wodden platform at the back of our house in Limerick. In the photo, it’s still half-constructed, as one whole panel became detached.

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Why you should attend an Irish language immersion weekend (Ep. 21)

Mara Bernstein doesn’t seem to have a drop of Irish blood, but that didn’t stop her from learning and promoting the Irish language. She’s one of the main organizers of the Bloomington, Indiana Irish Language Immersion weekend.

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Short and regular learning: Your best chance to learn to speak Irish

I’ll keep this short, as that’s what we stand for at Bitesize Irish Gaelic.

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Celebrate your Irish heritage: St. Patrick’s Day Bonanza

Speaking Irish is a way of embracing your Irish heritage in a way that you could never do with music, movies and books alone (as Brian said in our most recent discussion podcast). It’s a way to celebrate your Irish … Continue reading

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Does the Irish language need saving?

Irish language speakers congregated in Dublin, Ireland on February 15th 2014. The objective was to stand for the rights of Irish speakers in Ireland. Are you surprised that speaking Irish is a human rights issue? What’s the deal? Read on.

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Looking Back: The Second Half of 2013

It’s hard to believe, but 2013 is behind us! Here’s a look back at the blog posts we’ve made since June on the Bitesize Irish Gaelic blog. We’ve covered a lot of ground, that’s for sure! You’ll find a mix … Continue reading

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Barriers to Fluency: Getting Around the Dam

It’s happened to every language learner at some point or another. You’re chattering away in your new language when all of a sudden…bam! You stop dead because you don’t know how to say what you want to say. It’s as … Continue reading

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Book and Fadas and Verbs…Oh My!

Books are my passion…have been since I was about six years old. So it should come as no surprise that bookstores are where I gravitate when I travel. In fact, people who know me are not at all surprised to … Continue reading

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