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A Little Bit of Irish Every Day

People have their reasons for which they embark on the “learning a new language” adventure. Maybe they want to improve themselves or they are planning a long trip and want to have an easy time visiting other countries. Whatever the reason may be, learning a new language can be an easy task if you have …

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Does the Irish language need saving?

Irish language speakers congregated in Dublin, Ireland on February 15th 2014. The objective was to stand for the rights of Irish speakers in Ireland. Are you surprised that speaking Irish is a human rights issue? What’s the deal? Read on.

Barriers to Fluency: Getting Around the Dam

It’s happened to every language learner at some point or another. You’re chattering away in your new language when all of a sudden…bam! You stop dead because you don’t know how to say what you want to say. It’s as if you’d been floating happily down a river and suddenly run head-long into a dam.