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Take Small Steps to Learn Irish Gaelic

How do you begin the journey of a thousand miles? … with one step.

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The Truth About Learning Irish and Other Languages as an Adult

Remember how easy you learned new stuff when you were a child? Your thirst for knowledge was accompanied by a desire to discover things on your own, driving you forward and shaping your character. How did that change when you became an … Continue reading

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Before Learning Patterns in Irish Gaelic

This is for you if you feel something like the following: “How on Earth will I understand this Irish language grammar?” “I see all these words in the Irish language written down, but how will I ever use them on my … Continue reading

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Is Some Irish Gaelic Grammar So Important?

Lots of Irish school kids, for example, speak Irish Gaelic with lots correct grammar missing. But you know what? Isn’t that better than speaking no Irish language at all? This applies to you, too. If you’re on your learning journey, … Continue reading

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Irish language lessons with audio: Learn the Days of the Week

Let’s jump right into this Irish language lesson with audio. You’ll learn the days of the week in Irish. The words are complicated, so bookmark this page, and come back again to try them again.

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