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Learning Irish Gaelic Has To Be Taken Seriously

Irish Gaelic isn’t the easiest language you could learn, but you shouldn’t aim for the easiest things in life, right? Most people who are learning the Irish language are doing it to identify with their heritage, learn more about themselves, … Continue reading

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Take Small Steps to Learn Irish Gaelic

How do you begin the journey of a thousand miles? … with one step.

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What Would Spark Your Interest of Learning Irish Gaelic?

Why do people embark on hard journeys throughout their lives? Why do we set up goals and do whatever we can to reach them? It’s quite simple. We either do stuff for our or others’ well-being. We want to improve … Continue reading

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How to Be Sure to NOT Learn Irish Gaelic

Our Bitey way of making a connection with your Irish heritage is the regular immersion of the Irish language. Use any means at your disposal. If it comes down to telling your dog to “Suí síos!”, then so be it. But … Continue reading

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Before Learning Patterns in Irish Gaelic

This is for you if you feel something like the following: “How on Earth will I understand this Irish language grammar?” “I see all these words in the Irish language written down, but how will I ever use them on my … Continue reading

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Seinfeld’s Approach to Learning Irish Gaelic

Our mission is to make the Irish language part of your every day life. Jerry Seinfeld once shared a great technique to do something every day.

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Win an Amazing Book by Sharing Your Motivation

People share and enjoy the spirit of Halloween in different ways. Some like to dress up, others love to watch scary movies and some people like to indulge themselves in great & spooky literature. We’re doing our part for Samhain, which … Continue reading

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Top Facebook Pages For Learning Irish Gaelic

A noticeable trend of our guests on the Bitesize Irish Gaelic Podcast is that they suggest you should reach out to other learners of Irish Gaelic. A good example is Dineen Grow. She said: Start Something! Don’t feel alone and … Continue reading

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