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Start Learning Irish Gaelic this Black Friday

Are you one of those people who always think about starting to learn a new language but just doesn’t have the time for it? If you want to learn Irish Gaelic but you find yourself always on the road, on the commute between your house and your job, we have a solution for you.

How to Show Up in 2016

Do you say to yourself “I’d love to speak some Irish Gaelic”, but “I can’t get around to it”? You can’t get around to it because it sounds like work. I’m sure you can “get around” to checking Facebook or turning on the TV. It’s not as difficult as you might think. I have lately …

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Irish Gaelic Pronunciation Survey

We hear from a lot of you that pronunciation of Irish Gaelic is hard. It’s a stumbling block for a lot of Irish language learners. So don’t worry if you find it challenging, you’re not alone.

Trauma, and The Irish Language

Irish people are traumatised, distraught, and brought to tears at the thought of learning to speak the Irish language. That’s what some people in Ireland tell themselves. Read through Loren’s experience which he emailed us (with permission to post here, and updated to fix that Loren is a “he”!), and our reply below:

Irish Ebooks and CDs Giveaway This Week Only

Do you fancy being one of lucky TEN people to win Mary Murphy’s revised novel “The Emerald Diaries – Secrets of an Irish Clan“, plus our limited CD “Learn Irish With Eoin“?