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What’s New at Bitesize Irish Gaelic

Learning the Irish language is easier if you have someone to practice. We acknowledged this issue over than a year ago and started working towards building a strong community with online practice tools. 

What’s Your Irish Language Journey? (Ep. 77)

We all have reasons as to why we’re called towards a certain journey. If you’re interested in learning to speak the Irish language, it’s interesting to ask: Why did this journey choose me? Should I try to ignore its calls, or accept that it’s part of me?

Extra Motivation – 10 Reasons to Learn Irish Gaelic (Ep. 38) [Re-run]

We have different reasons why we choose to learn Irish Gaelic or any other new language. We might want to learn more about the culture, dwell into great stories of that nation or simply to get closer to your heritage. But are there any reasons to learn Irish more important than others?

Want to Learn Irish? Here’s What You Should Do First!

When they start learning a new language or a new skill, people have different tactics of approaching such an important task. Are there any steps that everyone can take without making any mistakes? Probably not. But everyone needs to start somewhere.

[Re-run] The American Teacher Who Learned Irish and Moved to Ireland (Ep. 09)

Teachers have some of the most challenging jobs out there but they still manage to do it with a smile on their faces. It’s amazing how they find the resources to teach children when they are underpaid and undervalued. Dr. Matt Wallen, the principal teacher of Limerick School Project is one of these great people. His passion to …

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Watching TG4 on Your TV

TG4 is Ireland’s national Irish language television station. You can watch it even with you non-smart TV using the Chromecast device. Read on for details.

Easy Irish Immersion (Ep. 57)

Do you feel like you “should” be learning the Irish language, but never get around to it? This podcast episode (in English) is about breaking down your daily Irish language habit into such small pieces that they should be easy to do. These ideas come from the excellent blog AJATT: All Japanese All The Time.

How David White Got Into Irish Gealic (Ep. 56)

David White has a great interest in his Irish heritage. He got sucked into the challenge of speaking some Irish Gaelic! Hear this interview with him, where he shares his positive attitude that makes it possible for him to keep learning a new language.