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The Peril of the Irish Language

Sometimes we should remind ourselves of how much or a marginal language the Irish language is in Ireland.  This all depends on your perspective. My overall view is highly positive: there’s a huge energy and spirit among Irish language speakers (read more below). It’s certainly not a “dead” or extinct language. 

We’re Bitesize Irish

2018 is turning out to be a really important year in the history of Bitesize & the Irish language learning community. If you read our newsletters, blog posts, watched our YouTube videos or listened to our Podcast episodes, you noticed a few changes. Today, we’re happy to announce that one of these changes is to …

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Dear Bitesize: Different Ways of Saying “You” and the Letter “A”

In today’s Dear Bitesize post, I’m answering two questions that we recently received at Bitesize Irish Gaelic. First of all, one learner wanted to know the difference between the two words in Irish Gaelic which means you.  Another Irish language learner wished to know how the letter a is pronounced.

What Does the Future Hold for the Irish Language? (Ep. 48) [Re-run]

If you’re going to take a look and compare the percentage of Irish and English speakers across Ireland, you may think that the Irish language is in peril. While there are some general concerns about this, we can say for sure that the Irish language is here to stay.

Results for Your Linguistic Talent Survey

A couple of weeks ago, we asked you four simple questions in a survey. They were all related to your perception of linguistic talent. A person emailed saying “But they’re all the same question!”, which was not the case. Let’s dig deeper.

Four Questions on Your Mindset

Do you feel like you’re a “languages person”, or that a new language is outside of your reach? Edit: the results are in! Results to the linguistic mindset survey.