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Test Your Irish Language Level with Improved Quizzes

Deciding to learn Irish Gaelic is genuinely noble quest to embark on. If you manage to master the language, you’ll be a part of a select community of individuals that are keeping Irish alive, and ensuring its future by using … Continue reading

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[Re-run] What Irish Gaelic Questions Do You Have? (Ep. 14)

When you start learning a new language, everything will seem hard to wrap your head around but as soon as you start practising, more things become clear. If you have someone to help you learn and answer all your language … Continue reading

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Should I get Irish software, learn Irish online, or something else?

Mark was kind enough to take the time to send us an email from Oklahoma with the following question: Dia dhaoibh a Saša and Eoin,

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You don’t have to be perfect

Language is about understanding what you’re reading in the language. It’s about understanding what others are saying. It’s about expressing yourself to others. It’s in that order that we generally improve our language learning: reading, understanding and finally, speaking. You … Continue reading

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Have you ever encountered Irish Gaelic unexpectedly?

I happened to be sitting beside three girls on a tram in south France, when they started speaking in Irish Gaelic. The girls normally spoke in English, but they switched languages to be able to speak about others on the … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Influences of a Flute, Tin Whistle and Fiddle Player

This is a guest post following last week’s post on Irish song and dance. Hello! My name is James Chan. I’m a 19 years old Chinese guy living in Singapore. I am a budding Irish trad musician. I play the … Continue reading

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The Secrets to Practicing Irish Gaelic Every Day

Have you already begun to learn Irish Gaelic? Do you want to get better at Irish Gaelic in fun ways? If so, the new ebook by Audrey Nickel is now available. Learning more through practice No matter if you’re taking … Continue reading

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Lots of goodies arrived at our door

See all those goodies on our kitchen table? They arrived in courtesy of Kenna, a Bitesize Irish Gaelic online lessons customer since January 2011. No, we didn’t order this stuff. Kenna sent it all at her own expense across the … Continue reading

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Visitor question: why is the signup to the Irish lessons in Dollars?

The Irish language is benefiting from improved content constantly being published online. It’s a cliché to say – there’s never been a better time for you to be learning online. From what we have seen, much of the services available … Continue reading

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Screw it: New English language lessons probably coming soon

(This post was published on April 1st. Yes, April Fools.) After much soul–searching, Saša and I have come to a realization. Helping to spread the Irish language to people who would otherwise never have spoken it isn’t viable. There’s a … Continue reading

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